I can write romance. I think. This is the first time I've written something like this. Give me feedback please!
I promise I haven't forgotten Nameless. or maybe I have oops

Title: Watermelon
Perspective: Dria (from Shadowed, but a few years in the future)
475 words

    The sun beat down on the party, warming Dria through her shirt. The twins were playing nearby, probably driving Samantha crazy. Sam was the closest cousin to their age; she was fifteen and they were nine, and they bothered her endlessly. She dodged the twins again and went to sit next to Cleo. Thomas frowned, then bent down to pet the dog. He wore his hair in two braided pigtails to match Brayleigh. He even had little bows with stars and stripes, bows Brayleigh had gladly given up to style her brother's hair. Although Dria barely saw them, being in college, she loved her little siblings with all of her heart.
    She pulled her phone from halfway under her leg. She checked the contact name: Laura, with little hearts around it. She looked up, searching the scene for her girlfriend. Laura was sitting in a folding chair about ten feet away, with her feet propped up on the picnic table, eating green beans from a plate in her lap. She turned and grinned at Dria, who waved back. She was still in her sequined bikini top from earlier, when the two girls had walked ten minutes down the road to the neighbors pool party. Dria had opted to put a shirt on since, but Laura loved the feeling of sun on her skin and didn't mind the questions.
    Thomas and Brayleigh and Mrs. Payne had been invited, but didn't want to come because Brayleigh was expecting other friends. Dria and Laura had gone instead. The Baty family had not been expecting two twenty-one year old girls instead of the twins, but they welcomed them all the same. The two had left after an hour though, half because Dria's aunt had texted her to say that hamburgers were ready, and half because Laura had noticed Mr. Baty giving her dirty looks about the amount of watermelon she was eating.
    Laura's favorite thing was watermelon. From the watermelon “BFFs” necklace Dria had gotten her for Valentine's Day (“You know we're more than that,” Laura had giggled, then kissed Dria's cheek), to lip gloss and her favorite Jolly Rancher candies, to popsicles, and actual watermelon. It was her favorite scent, flavor, pattern. Dria had noticed the first time she walked into Laura's room. Almost every piece of décor was watermelon themed.
    The furniture that wasn't watermelon themed varied in shades of vibrant oranges and pinks. Laura loved summer: the sun, the beach, even the hundred-degree temperatures didn't bother her. Her cheeks and shoulders were covered in freckles. Dria loved her freckles. Combined with Laura's shimmery hazel eyes, they were the most beautiful things she had ever seen.
    Dria stood up and walked over to Laura, hugging her from behind. Laura's tangled blond hair smelled like sunscreen and pool water.
    “I love you,” Laura said.
    Dria grinned. “You too.”

Please tell me what you think! I hadn't gotten to write Laura until now, and I enjoyed exploring her character.
Laura's watermelon obsession inspired by Charlie's obsession with pineapple. 😃
Until later.


  1. It's pretty good! I love the part how Laura has an obsession to watermelon, like I have to pineapples!

  2. I love it!!! It's really good Evy!! Laura's love of watermelon is amazing. Happy Watermelon day to her (I don't know if there is one but there should be)

    1. Thank you! There is a Watermelon Day, it's August 3rd. I'm going to have to write that now.


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