Just Little Things (9 random facts about me)

So, I stumbled across this post in my drafts. I was writing it around last dance recital, and I decided to finish, edit and post it. I have added some stuff in italics that wasn't part of the original post.
I still plan to post that art on Friday. Stick around for that.
Here ya go:

DRESS REHEARSAL WEEK HASN'T STOPPED ME YET! I have rehearsals tonight but at least I don't need my costumes. 
This is pretty much exactly what the title says it is. I just want to share some of these things.


I LOVE TUTUS!!!!!!!!!! No amount of exclamation points will ever emphasize that enough. Unfortunately, this is the extent of my tutu collection:
Not such a great picture, but it was the best lighting I could get. It looks way better on an actual person.
*sighs* It's the only one I've ever had. I WANNA TUTU!! *sobs* Maybe someday...


My two favorite bands at the moment are Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy. Both are rock bands, but with very different styles. Both wrote songs that I loved before I even knew there names. The songs are It's Time by Imagine Dragons and My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy. (What is up with that title though?? I mean come on.)
Adding to the list of favorite bands: My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Black Veil Brides, Panic! at the Disco, I could go on and on. THEY'RE ALL SO GOOD AAAAAAH! 
Also, have any of you heard Fall Out Boy's new song, Young And Menace??? If not go listen to it, it's great. The video is weird, just warning you. Not really bad, just kinda creepy. It makes me uncomfortable.
Another also: Thunder by Imagine Dragons. This is the end of my rant about bands.


I am a teenager. In the younger half of the teenage years, but it still counts.
Now you know. :)


I have never actually read the text of The Sorcerers Stone (it's the first Harry Potter book). I listened to the audiobook when I was about six, and many times since then, but I have never actually read it. Perhaps I will someday.


I collect critters. Not any specific kind, but my bookshelf is covered in them. I have dragons, Littlest Pet Shops, and a kitty that Charlie gave me for Christmas. I also have a ton of stuffed critters too, a whole shoe organizer full. It is the best way to store them, and actually works well.


I'm an introvert. For some reason this seems to confuse/surprise people. I told my friend Sam once and her reply was, "But you don't hate people?" No, I don't hate people, but crowds and strangers make me really uncomfortable. My choice of superpower might be invisibility, so I can exist without worrying that someone is judging me.


I love performing, to an extent. There's almost nothing more amazing than having the audience cheer mid-dance because you did something cool. Kick lines tend to do that to audiences. For anything other than dance, though, I suffer from horrible stage fright. Dance rarely bothers me. Except maybe Singing In The Rain. That was pretty bad. Bad, bad, memories.
Solos are also hard. I had one that was about eight counts long in our last recital, and it was hard not to panic in the wings. I wasn't even the only one on stage, just the only one dancing. I didn't trip or anything, so that was good. In other words: I'm okay on stage as long as I'm not the only one potentially looking stupid.


When I was little, I decided that I was going to be a famous singer. Now my opinion is that I really can't sing, but maybe that's because of my music tastes. Most of the stuff I listen to is sung by 20-30 year old men. If it was more suited to my voice, I might sing it. Maybe. But definitely not solo.
I wrote a song about my My Little Ponies running away one time. I still remember most of the words, and for me being seven years old at the time, it had a pretty good tune and stuff. I performed it for my family and I was super nervous but I seem to remember they liked it. My current poetry sucks. I cannot write songs to save my life. 


Guess my favorite princess. Take a wild guess. Here's a hint: She's a redhead, born royal. It's not Anna or Elsa.

ARIEL! I'm not exactly sure why I like her so much. Maybe because she's a mermaid who sings. I want to draw fanart of her, but I can't seem to translate her hair into my own style. Keep trying I guess.

So that's it! You now know nine more things about me.
Until Friday,


  1. I was going "Favorite princess... MERI- oh, no, no it's not. Hmm."

    :P I also love tutus! And also My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark! I actually did a ninja-themed dance for my interpretive dance class to that song once...

    1. XD They do share a lot of traits, don't they? Wait... Are all the red haired princesses born royal? I think they might be.
      Ninja-themed. hm. I can see the connection there.


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