I've Been Drawing

I've been drawing quite a lot, actually. More than I've been writing, which is not so great since it's Camp NaNo.
This post is mostly me summarizing April. Not a lot has happened this month, but it hasn't been horrible.

This month I have:

  • Taken a standardized test (blegh)
  • Written 7000 words towards Caught Outside 
  • Decided to attend a public high school next year 
  • Made two batches of chocolate chip cookie bars
  • Drawn a bunch of stuff (Birthday gifts and fanart mostly)
  • Filled a journal
I only wrote a third as much as I was hoping to. I still have three thousand words left to reach my 10,000 word goal, which is doable, but my original goal was 30,000. I'm not sure how much I have collectively, because I decided to scrap about half of my current draft and take the plot in a new direction. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, and I think it has a lot more potential this way.

I'm going to high school. I'm not sure how well my introverted self will do around that many people, but I'm at least going to try it.
The standardized testing was something my Mom wanted to do. Not hard, but really boring.

CHOCOLATEE! Enough said.

I have drawn a lot. I'm working on a post with those things in it right now. However, I will not post it until Friday because it contains a birthday drawing for one of my friends, and I don't want her to see it before I actually give it to her. I think she reads my blog sometimes.
Happy birthday Carolyn, if you are reading this. 
I found a new coloring style too! It makes everything shiny. 

I filled a journal for the first time in my life. I've kept four, I think? The one that I've filled the most, besides this one, was a velvet-covered one that my grandmother gave me.
I don't write down anything in particular. Dreams, thoughts, things people have said to me. I just write in bullet points and phrases, not even full sentences most of the time. It works really well for getting thoughts on the paper.
That being said, now I need a new notebook.

Just look at her. So cute.


  1. I can't wait to see your drawings soon! :D You'll be showing them on my birthday!! ;)

  2. Thank you! Happy birthday!


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