Nameless: Part two

So, you remember THIS piece that I posted about a month ago? The one with no names and mostly description? Yeah, that one.
Well, it's a series now. I'm calling it Nameless. 
Nameless will center around three characters, known as She, The Girl, and The Boy. Not usually capitalized, but you get the idea. It won't be too long, probably ten parts or less. Part one is written from The Girl's perspective. This part is written from She's perspective.
(They will have names at the end. But not until the end.)
Nameless Part Two: She

The bare wood floor creaked under her feet. The old house was drafty and dark. A heavy layer of dust had settled over almost everything. The house worried her, and it was just as cold as outside, but she was glad she had brought them here. She could be safe here, isolated, the way she wanted to be. Isolated and alone, even from the two children in the other room. She sat down on the floor and closed her eyes, letting the sound of her own breathing lure her into a dreamlike trance. But she didn't sleep. She hadn't slept in days. At this point, it was just the coffee keeping her awake.

She heard a muffled sob from the other room. Her eyes snapped open, and she pulled herself silently to her feet. She crept to the doorway, peering in at the scene. The older girl held the younger boy in her lap. The girl stroked his hair, pulling his head into her chest. The boy was crying quietly.

She pulled herself back from the doorway, leaning back against the wall and staring at her bare feet. She had no shoes, only dirt and chipped nails. Nightmare. Her heart ached to comfort the little boy, but she couldn't know what to say.

A hand on her arm surprised her. She looked down to see the little boy staring up at her, traces of tears still left at the corners of his eyes. She stared back, her face empty and expressionless. Only silence passed between them. One moment passed. Another. The boy turned away and slipped back through the doorway. She could hear him whispering to the girl, but she couldn't make out the words. A moment later, she walked away, her bare feet leaving blurred marks on the floor.

So that was part two! I loved writing this. It feels very different from part one, almost a little creepy.  What do you think? Should I continue?


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