I have writing to share with you?? What??
But yeah, I actually do. It's 300 words of something, I'm not really sure what. I really like the way it sounds though.
Here it is:

She wrapped a hand around her necklace to steady it and keep it from jingling as she ran. She pressed the cold metal into her palm, running faster. The night air rushed past her like a tornado of freezing wind, whipping her hair into her face and against the sides of her neck. She slowed a second, just enough to lay a hand on the doorknob and turn it. She stepped inside, pushing the door mostly closed, but not all the way. She stood there for a moment, eyes closed, hand still resting on the doorknob, breathing and shivering. Then she pushed the door closed, listening to the clunk as the lock slid back into place. She turned, and started up the stairs. 

The kitchen was warmer than the back hallway, but she still shivered. She grabbed a cup from the counter and turned on the tap, filling the cup with lukewarm water. She drank about half of it in one gulp, poured the rest into the sink, and put the cup down again. Her elbows rested on the counter, one hand still wrapped around the cup, her other hand on her chest, feeling her heartbeat. She knew she didn't have much longer here. She closed her eyes, taking deep breaths and willing herself to warm up. Her phone buzzed in her pocket, and she opened her eyes. She took the hand from her heart and put it into her pocket, wrapping her fingers around the cold device. Without taking it out or looking at the screen, she knew that someone was outside waiting for her. She turned away from the counter, ran back down the stairs, and disappeared out the back door.

What do you think? Does it sound like anything in particular?
This is the first time I've written something like this, so I would love feedback! 
Until later,


  1. I love it!! It's a very cool and detailed style of writing. If it was a book, I'd devour it. Details make everything better

  2. It seems really interesting and I totally want to keep reading!! It's real good!😊😃

    1. Thank you! I doubt I will keep writing it, but maybe. Actually... You will see more of this mysterious, nameless girl


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