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Is it that time again? I suppose it must be.
I know, long gap between posts, but I have been busy. ITS DRESS REHEARSAL WEEK AAHH I'M NOT READY FOR THIS!!! I'm in four dances and I have to help the little kids at the end of the show.
Also music. My recent discoveries are Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, and My Chemical Romance and all of them are AMAZING! 10/10 would recommend. I've started drawing for long periods of time with headphones on.
I haven't drawn much in the past few months, but my skill has been improving. I'm also drawing a bit of a series, starring best friends Kaya and Maryellen.

This is part one of the series-ish, entitled "Fried Cookies." It was based on an inside joke, but it highlights Kaya's baking skill all the same. Here's a hint: Look on the stove.
(Fire. It's fire. Kaya that's not how you make cookies.)
I am really proud of the kitchen background because I put so much detail into it. 

This is part two, "The Best Swing." This is the first time I have drawn Maryellen, and I like the way her ponytail turned out. (It's a lot more defined in person, but you can click on the picture to make it bigger.)
Between Maryellen's pose and striped dress and Kaya's shoes and ripped knee jeans, I was experimenting a lot. I think I finally have learned to draw feet, so hooray for that.

I forget if I've shown you this picture before, but here it is now. This is Dria from my NaNoWriMo novel, Shadowed. I like the scenery in this one, but the actual portrait could have been a lot clearer. I didn't get the effect I was looking for with the clothing either, and honestly she looks a tad like a vampire.
That's pretty much it. Which drawing was your favorite, and why? I may not post again this week, because of dress rehearsals and such taking up my time.
Until later,


  1. You are good at drawing! I like the one with the swings! Great job!


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