Like I've Been Silenced

Hello! How are you? I am wonderful, and no, I am not the once that has been silenced.
I drew some stuff this afternoon, and took pictures at various stages instead of just the finished product.

This is the sketch. At this point, it was supposed to be a self-portrait. The change is obvious in the finished product. The head proportions are a little off, but the face is good so I'm not complaining.

After I started coloring the hair. This is where the change happened, because I decided that I wanted to to dark/grayish colors and bright red lipstick. Like, cherry red. 

Now I started to shade in the shirt, and I used the smudge from my fingers to darken her hair. Also the eyes have been darkened.

Now the hair, eyes, shirt, and skin are finished. I almost called this the finished product, but then I had another idea. I decided to avoid the red lipstick in favor of...

Black lipstick! And a grayish fog around the rest of the page. I titled it "I've Been Silenced" because she looks (to me) like someone glued her mouth shut with that lipstick. Not in a bad way, but she still looks scared.
In general I am very proud of this. I managed to make the face really realistic, probably because I was drawing it larger than usual.
On another note, that girl strongly resembles one of the girls at my ballet studio. It was a complete coincidence. Like I said, this was supposed to be me.
So what do you think? Black lips, or white or red? TELL ME!!
Until later,


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