Christmas pictures

Hello there, and Merry Christmas a few days late. This Christmas was really nice. I didn't get many presents, but it was really warm outside. Like, 75 ish degrees. I was wearing shorts.
Now for pictures.
This is Ali cutting out some cookies. I love holiday baking because it is the only time that we make cookies into shapes and not just blobs.

The rest of these were taken at a Christmas party. I thought their decorations were amazing, especially compared to ours. A toddler lives at my house, along with two cats that like to climb Christmas trees, so no breakable ornaments yet.
Now, an announcement. I really want to do a q&a post, so if you have anything to ask me please comment! Leave as many questions as you like, because I don't think I will get many. The post will be out before 2017.
Until later,


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