The Post That Is Three Weeks Late

As you can tell from the title, this post is three weeks late. :P However, I have news.

That's right! I'm participating in Camp NaNo 2016! Basically, Camp NaNo is a month long writing challenge. You can set your goal, unlike November NaNo, where the default goal is fifty thousand words. For more about Camp NaNo, visit their website HERE.
Here is this awesome little meter thingy so you can tell how far I am.

11066 / 20000 words. 55% done!

I am rewriting Caught Outside from the ground up. I am liking this version a lot better. In the old one we had, well, I don't know. In this one we have rebel groups, guns, and mind control. Which one sounds cooler?
Some of it I wrote on paper and then dictated to my phone, so it is lacking punctuation. I will post it once I edit it, which may not be for another month or two. However, I will allow you to read the first chapter. Warning: Death. I will post that tomorrow!

Farewell for now,


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