Visiting With My Cousins

Hello. It is Evy today, yet again. I have not posted in a while because I have been
 a) Forgetful
b)  At my grandparents' house
c) All of the above

The answer is, of course, all of the above. I have been forgetful, but with the excuse that I was at my grandparents' house having fun with my cousins.
I have three cousins on my mom's side, two boys and a girl. The girl is the oldest, three years younger than me and one year younger than Ali. She runs a blog, too, Charlie's Hoopla, under the alias Charlie Evans (Guessing that's short for Charlotte, but not sure). There she calls her two brothers Mason & Braxton Evans.
I am not quite sure which is which, but I think Mason is the older boy and Braxton is the younger one. I had no part at all in naming them.
Charlie and I had a lot of fun. I brought Maryellen with me and she brought her doll Emily. They shared some clothes and we did a fashion show/photo shoot with them in each other's clothes.
On Monday we went to a state park with a really fun creek. It had a waterfall that was a lot of fun to slide down. There was moss on some parts of the rock, and it literally felt like fur. It was crazy. If you started at the top of the waterfall, you could slide all the way down into a shallow pool at the end. Charlie was the only one wearing an actual bathing suit, so she got the best slides. After the shallow pool, in a part we named "the lazy river" you got sucked down between two rocks. There was a really deep part that came up to my waist, and then you could slide. After that there was another part that came up above my waist, and it was really cool because we could actually swim in it.
We decided to call this place the "Really River Resort" because it was a cool name and because of the slides.
Up at the top of the waterfall, after Charlie and Ali had gone to the playground, Mason made a weird discovery. He found a dead fish. He picked it up and was showing my mom and aunt. Then he went up to the playground and showed Charlie and Ali. They said:
"Eww, Mason! Is that a dead fish?" Then every other kid on the playground  came over to look. Mason had a fan club for a minute. I guess little kids find dead fish intriguing.
Mason kept dragging it around, and Charlie told him to get rid of it. I determined that we should hold a funeral and send it down the waterfall. The natural equivalent of flushing a fish, I guess. So we had a funeral procession and said something almost nice about the fish. Then Mason threw it and I threw a carrot after it.

That was my story for today, I hope you liked. Have you ever held a funeral for something that likely didn't care? I have held four-ish funerals for vanilla wafers, as well as the fish.


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