Fun with Poem Generator

Hi guys! Guess who? It's Gemstone! Yay for me.
But anyway, I have been playing with a poem generator. The link is HERE if you want to try it yourself. It is fairly straightforward, in terms of using it. It literally just generates random poems, and some of them are very funny. I'm going to test each setting and theme and see how the poems turn out. The funniest ones I will share.
The first one is a Nonnet. The first line has nine syllables and on syllable is taken away each time. This one is sort of random.

truck stops in the rust belt brace the earth  
 the shallow birds of paradise  
 his false shadow, painted skin
catharsis of water  
tar black feather ball  
  the war tattoo  
calling birds

This next one sounds like a really creepy halloween story.

jack o'lanterns burn   
a nightjar in a tree screams  
engines left to rot  
trapped in the constellations  
time claims its victory now

This one sounds like someone chasing a wild turkey. It almost makes sense.

beating wings
she will tumble

This one is just funny. That last line!

the slow brown river flows on
  she chases her tail   

To me, this one is kind of sad. It's a haiku.

wide flat dusty road 
  the dead and green leaves clutter  
elephant alone

Is this one a story of a war? I especially like the last line. I can see a story in this.
  if she falls   
  scraps of blue paper   
checked shirts, red necks, shotguns  
  grey hide in the undergrowth     
found in the broken pulse of time  

Wow. There are probably tons of combinations I haven't tried yet, so go try it out for yourself. What do you think of the last one, or the rest for that matter?


  1. Wow! Some of those are SO funny! Here's what I got -

    the clotting of her
    soup hydrogen soup carbon
    ocean above sky

    And another one -

    empty crossing

    And the last one -

    nothing begat her
    jungles bounded on all sides
    glory birds, gold and orange.

  2. Your last one actually makes sense. I like the second one of yours, too. :D


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