Touring my Sketchbook

Sisters in Dreams
Hi! It's Evy, as usual when the title is in first person. Heh. That's interesting. But anyway. What is that strange image beside this text? Will we ever know? Yes. Yes you will.
Welcome to the tour of my sketchbook, where we save the best for last!
Sisters in Dreams is a picture of two girls, but just their feet. One is wearing pink pointe shoes, and the other is wearing black ballet shoes. I invision the black shoed girl to be helping the pink stand because it's her first time on pointe.
Evy and Mint
This is a picture of me. (Hazernian me. The real on has blond hair. :D) Mint is on my shoulder, if you can't read that tiny text. You can ask in the comments why Evy wears her hair like that, but I don't want to put it here. Long story.
This is the first dragon that I ever drew. Say hello to Gemstone's portrait, everybody! She looks a lot different from my other dragons, being the first. I will have to show you my digital dragons sometime.

I Promise I'm Still Real
In my opinion, the story behind this one is kind of sad. You probably noticed that the taller girl has angel wings. Logically, that would make her an angel. The girl she's hugging is her sister. Does the title make sense now?

Every Crack In the Mirror

This was partially based on that poem I showed you a while back, Broken Mirror. I was intending to draw something else based on that too, but I got inspired and drew "I Promise I'm Still Real" instead. Not that I'm complaining. My story behind this: The girl sees all the cracks in the mirror, all the different pieces, and doesn't know which to choose. At the top of the page that I couldn't fit into the picture, it says "Every crack in the mirror changes who I am."

That's all for now. Have a nice day and feel free to ask any questions about the art in the comments. this is not all of my sketches, just a choice few from one book. There were some more but they got rotated funny and I'm too lazy to fix them right now. I will (hopefully- no promises) do this again sometime.Thanks so much for reading!


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