Macaroni Drama and other stories

Macaroni drama, you ask? Not really? Okay then. That just makes me sad.
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Macaroni Drama
The Bald Club

Part I: Microwaving Stuff (Yup)

It all started at lunch break, after taking three finals. So everybody was really stressed out. Especially Bella, because Bella is always stressed. So we were all microwaving stuff. Adam and Ace decided to try face swap because, you know, face swap. And then Bella noticed a bag of spicy Cheetos.
She goes up to Bunny and asks if they are hers, then opens them. Everyone but M-Kat and Ace wanted to eat them. M-Kat claimed she didn't like spicy food, and Ace claimed not to like chips at all. And it was fine until M-Kat came back out with her macaroni.

Part II: Macaroni Drama

She sat down and started eating. We were all eating on the ground, because we weren't supposed to be in the building where the microwaves were unless we were heating things up. But anyway. Bella put spicy Cheetos in M-Kat's macaroni. And that is where the drama started.
M-Kat started yelling something like this:
Eww there's spicy cheetos in my macaroni! My macaroni will never be  the same again. Look, it has cheetos in it! I will never forgive you for putting spicy Cheetos in my macaroni!
And the funny thing was, there was only a quarter of a spicy cheeto in there. And M-Kat took it out.
(Side note: This was not the first Macaroni drama. Last semester Adam tried to microwave his macaroni and almost set it on fire. Apparently he didn't know you had to put water in it. My teacher had to go to great lengths to keep the smoke alarm from going off.)

Part III: The Bald Club

Now this one is pretty easy to explain. It will literally take only a few sentences. so: Bunny decided to tell M-cat that she took a great interest in what M-cat would look like without hair. And that she would go to great lengths to find out. I replied that perhaps M-cat had the same curiosity and would also go to great lengths to find out. M-cat agreed. I suggested that maybe if that happened then they could start the Bald Club. They didn't seem too excited about that prospect.

So guys, that is that and bye! Happy May!


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