CWBC Writing Contest

I decided to enter the CWBC writing contest hosted by Anika at Anika's Avenue. I wonder if it has a corner with Striker's Street? Anyway.
This is actually the third round. I forgot about it for the first two. Oops. But here is the story I wrote. There were prompts but I am too lazy to try to copy them. Here is the story:

“How much time do I have left?” I whispered, poking my head out of the small dressing room where we sat.
“Not much.” Josiah pulled me back in. “Don't look around. It's not going to help.” He was right. I sat with my back to the window, definitely not wanting to look down. I was probably twenty stories up. Why did I have to be assigned the dressing room with a window?
“Alright,” I murmured, biting my lip and tugging on my costume. The floor length tutu I wore didn't help with my nerves at all.
“It's not like you're actually jumping,” Josiah said helpfully. “You're going to be harnessed, remember?”
I rolled my eyes. Jumping off a building, in a harness, wearing a giant tutu. Wasn't that every actor's dream?
“Tessa! You're up!” The butterflies in my stomach doubled, then tripled. I felt like I was going to throw up. Couldn't they take a coffee break before my cue, or something? Maybe if I actually threw up we could film tomorrow. Maybe I just wouldn't come. Maybe if I just stayed here nobody would come and get me.
Josiah grabbed my arm, pulling me out of my thoughts and back into the present. “Come on Tessa,” he said, helping me stand up. “They don't have all day ya know.”
I just stared at the ground and followed him out into the hall. It took almost no time at all before I was standing on the roof of the filming studio. All of the sets were built on various floors of it. It seemed like miles down to the streets.
“Watch your step, and don't fall down,” Josiah warned me. “It's still going to hurt if you fall with the harness on.” I nodded, but Josiah's advice didn't really help me. If anything, it made me feel worse and more nervous.
I loved every part of acting. It didn't matter what part I was playing, as long as I stayed on the ground. I hated heights. I despised them. They made me feel dizzy and sick.
“Places!” the director for this scene shouted. “Tessa, are you doing okay?” I nodded, even though I wasn't. The director flashed me a thumbs-up, and motioned to where I was supposed to stand.
I put on my harness that strapped me to the helicopter. I put my white, feathery angel wings over the harness, so it couldn't be seen.
“Everybody ready?” The director shouted as the helicopter started up. It lifted the strap holding me until my feet were barely touching the roof.
I let the panic inside me spread into my expression as the Josiah chased me across the roof.
“Wait!” he shouted after me. “I promise I'm not going to hurt you!” We'd rehearsed this dozens of times. I was going to be fine. I was going to be fine.
I reached the edge, and paused. This is where I was supposed to jump. I stared into the lights of the city below. Josiah ran closer, and closer. Then I looked down. My vision blurred and my head spun. I tried to jump, but stepped on my tutu. I fell off the roof.
“Angel!” Josiah yelled after me. That was his line, but I knew he was also asking if I was okay. I didn't say anything.


  1. Oh no! What happens next?!?? You get six points! Good job!


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