Get To Know You tag

So, Anika from Annika's Avenue tagged anyone who wanted to do the Get To Know You tag, so I decided it looked like fun. I have never done a tag before, so let's see how this goes.

                                                    Vital Stats
Name: I go by Evy or Lanie online.

Nickname: I guess Evy and Lanie are nicknames, although I prefer the term pen name for those. Real life, my dad calls me Miss Alainius, or Miss A. 
Place of birth: Georgia

Best friend: Does my little sister count? If not, a girl who used to live near me, Zoe.
Award: I think I got some kind of award in Kindergarten, for what I'm not sure.

Sport: Ballet. It's a sport, believe me.

Real holiday: Thanksgiving? I was born in November.

Concert: Um? I have no idea.


Film: The Aristocats and Robin Hood (the Disney version)

TV show: My Little Pony, and a large number of home renovation shows that all run together in my head.

Color: Navy, white, black, turquoise

Song: Do you seriously expect me to choose? I can't.
Restaurant: There is a reason why I tell people not to make me choose restaurants. Although there is a local restaurant that serves really good calzones.

Books: Lets see... The Hunger Games, The Last Dragon Chronicles series, the Airhead series, the 1-800-Where-R-U series, and probably some others that I forgot.

Feeling: Relaxed? I don't know how to answer this.

Single or taken: Taken!

Eating: I wish I was eating something. Sadly, I'm not. Pizza would be good right now though.

Watching: The keyboard type the words.... (I totally just stole Anika's answer for that one)

Wearing: Pink plaid shorts and a white tee shirt.

Want children: Definitely.

Want to be married: Definitely.

Careers in mind: Dancer, writer, an artist maybe?

Where you want to live: Wherever my house is.

                             Do you believe in.... 

God: Yes!

Miracles: Yes.

Love at first sight: Completely.

Ghosts: Well... I don't know.

Aliens: Not sure about them either.

Soul mates: Yup!

Heaven: Definitely, yes!

Hell: I do.

Kissing on the first date: I don't know. If you know each other well, maybe, but if you just met, no.

Yourself: It depends. 

I tag: Ali at Ali's Island
Striker at Striker's Street 
I would tag Saladbar too, but he would never get around to it.

So that's that friends! The font size has been kinda weird, but please ignore it okay?
Friends... I just said friends. That was weird. As soon as I can get pictures off my phone, I will post about the small redhead arriving on the blog soon! 



  1. Cool! I stole that answer from everyone else who did this tag... *oops*

    1. Haha. Maybe it's because you can't watch something while writing a blog post.


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