Children of poor circulation...

I know you're mad at me. Why, I don't know. I guess maybe because I haven't posted in a while? But Silver thinks I post too much. So maybe that's why. And I keep denying that Ali is a god, so maybe that too.
So maybe I should give up. I am the wind and the weather. I CONTROL THE EARTH! HAIL TO ME!
I'm just being weird now, so here's the regular post introduction. I know, you're thinking "So far, so boring" right now, but whatevs.
Heylo guys, it's Evy and I have a very special and important and exciting post for you today. It's about...(drumroll)...
Soo... What is that? Google Translate Sings is a Youtube series done by a girl called Malinda Kathleen Reese, where she puts songs through Google Translator. The songs go through many different languages, and then back into English, and frequently they come out pretty funny.
Some of my favorite lines are:
Hello Kitty! (Translation of "Hey")
Child trafficking, honey I am very angry! ("Baby we're not buying, hon we saw you hit the ceiling)
All the layers of the tooth gray, yellow, foyer toilet (Everybody's like gold teeth, gray goose, trippin' in the bathroom)
Mysterious as the dark long of the shoe! (Mysterious as the dark side of the moon)
All I want for Christmas is your baby! (All I want for Christmas is you, baby)
Now these are just my favorites, because I am a duck in the shade of a tree or something. (Starts thinking about "Tuck in that tail, little duck," and starts sobbing. If depression crying dead! Nuuu the ending of the Hunger Games nuuuh.)
If you travel anywhere, remember the free luggage storage during the day. Or was that just for me? For me everything is free. No, I'm not royalty. I do not know a king.
Would you like to build a yeti? Okay now I'm just rambling. I don't even know anymore. I'm cold. That's why I never sit in front of doors. Where there is an open door, that's where I don't want to be.
And I'm annoyed now, too. My computer thinks it's two AM. I mean, come on. I think that the time change messes it up. Maybe you should move to my new country, where there will not be Daylight Savings Time. However, bridge jumping, dancing is required, so maybe you aren't ready yet. Maybe I'll decide to move to the top of all instead. Don't worry about insurance either. We cover your two cents.

Now we have a quiz! Try to guess which lines in this post are from GTS! The ones that I told were my favorites DO NOT COUNT. 5 points for every correct answer, there are 100 possible points. I am actually keeping track, so if you don't want me to know how badly you failed, try privacy. You can see it in the closet lol. By the way, if you completely fail, I will attack you with all the force of an angry campfire. Or with all the force of a raging fire beetles, I'm not sure.

But over and out, guys, see you later! Make sure you comment to get your points!


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