So, have you noticed?

Hi people, Evy here. If you haven't noticed (10 points if you have), I have made some changes to the blog.
I added several chapters of The Element Guardians, Caught Outside, and The Final Princess to their respective pages.
Here's a hint: Look that way ----> and find the title in the box that says "My Stories".
I will no longer be posting chapters in a post, I will just say that they were posted. I have also added links to my FIMFiction profile under "My Little Pony Fanfictions", which I do write and read a lot of. WHEN IS LONG ROAD TO FRIENDSHIP GOING TO UPDATE AGGHHHHHHH!!!
But anyway, all of my friends but Gecko have blogs now!
They are linked to in the box labeled "My Friends' Blogs".
<----- Over there

That's all for now.


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