Foot Problems and Random Questions

So, as some of you know, depending on who you are and where you know me from, I fell down on Friday.
Okay, full story. I was running in socks on the carpet at a skating rink. I slipped and fell down and banged my toe on the floor. I took my sock off and my toe was bleeding. It didn't really hurt.
On Saturday it hurt to walk on. Mom was a bit worried and so was I. I am a Pointe dancer with practice on Monday nights. I was afraid I might have to join one of my dance friends in the "I Broke My Toe" club, so Mom took me to urgent care and got my toe ex-rayed. I didn't get the ex-ray results until today.
Thank goodness my toe is not broken, but it still hurts to Releve and Mrs. Meredith said not to try Pointe for a while. That makes me sad, but okay. At least Mrs. Summer won't kill me for breaking my toe. Or maybe she wouldn't kill me, just my toe.
But that's the foot problems. Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to kill my feet or if they're going to kill me for standing on them.
So now to the random question!
The Quiz Of The Day!! (Dun dun dunnn)
Who Invented Pavlov's Triangle?
(Now go type your answer in the comments without looking at the words below this)

Did you type it? Good. Now the answer is: Tchaikovsky! (Highlight it)

My sister and I were being weird and I have a science final on Thursday. Sorry, Tuesday. But anyway, I said that Pascal invented Pascal's triangle. Allie was confused and accidentally called him Pavlov. She meant to say Pascal's triangle was invented by Tchaikovsky. She said Pavlov. 
So therefore, Pavlov's triangle was invented by Tchaikovsky. Thank you.

 Until later,


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