Blog Days [Week Three]

Hey guys, it's Meredith. I know I haven't done Blog Days for almost a month now. I've been super busy with school and life and stuff. So to make up for it, here's three weeks(?) worth of Blog Days for you!

Soon to be:
So these weeks Evy has posted a new story. (Featuring her) It's called The Final Princess, go check it out. She is currently finishing Chapter Two so that should be up soon as well.

Gemstone's history and why she dislikes the name Gemma in Half The Sparkle. Story is currently in progress in Evy's head so maybe in the next couple of weeks it should be up.

A Shadowed Warrior finally got off the ground, so hooray for that. It's nowhere near being ready to post though, so sorry about that. 

Evy is thinking about Caught Outside (my story) and should be posting that in the next week or so.

Also! My Little Pony: Fanfiction is Magic soon to come! My profile on FIMFiction: AwesomeRaisins

Already Been: 
A Dragon's Lullaby (From Garland to Gemstone)
A sleepover post (Yay)
Foot Problems and Random Questions

I think that might be it. Good morning to all and to all a good night. Wait, what? I need to stop quoting The Night Before Christmas because it's Halloween and I'm getting the words all wrong anyway.


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