Blog Days [Week 2]

Happy Tuesday all! Gemstone, your resident dragon, writing.
First off, I would like to thank you for getting me in trouble. But I mean really, Meredith had to call me Gemma. She was asking for it.
But also, welcome to the time loop. You see, it's always Tuesday. The date changes, but the day of the week doesn't. (Don't tell anyone, but I'm behind it.) It's somewhat difficult to comprehend. Stupid human brains. They have no clue about time and dragons and how dragons control time and other things like that.
I guess I should really introduce myself better. I'm Gemstone, Evy's "pet" dragon. I also run things, organize them, and edit this blog. I came up with the idea, yet never get to post anything. Oh well. To the purpose of this post:
This week Evy's been lazy, er, busy, and didn't post anything whatsoever. Hoping next week will be better. However, Evy gets to ramble about her life later today, so hooray for inside jokes and stupidness!
See you some other time, since I'm usually just a blog moderator. Meredith was sick this week and couldn't sit up to type while still being able to read the screen. Sorry, but no sympathy. I get to write Blog Days instead!
Gemstone (Who is definitely too cool for a signature)
A.K.A GemDragon1001
A.K.A GemstoneDragon
A.K.A GemstoneDragon1001


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