And Finally!

So finally! I am so excited right now! I am writing this while sitting in my best friends' living room at eleven thirty PM. Take one completely wild guess at what that means?
If you guessed that I'm sleeping over, you are correct! Hooray, you get a gold star! And I'm extra excited because this is the sleepover we've been asking about for FOUR YEARS!
Earlier this evening we played Truth or Dare. EVERYTHING STUPID SILVER SAYS BACKFIRES ON ME! Because Saladbar notices and then pulls me into it. Ughhh.
Striker's downloading something. And he has a blue forehead. So yay! You get commentary on what's happening.
I dyed my hair. It looks awesome. It has black tips and half my bangs are pink. It looks awesome. Everybody but Saladbar and Silver dyed their hair. It wouldn't work on Silver's hair and Saladbar didn't want to.
"I can't dye my hair. I decided to cry like an anime person." -Silver (Blue hair dye down his cheeks)
Allie: Blue tipped curls, blue stripe.
Silver: Pink bits in the front (you have to look hard)
Striker: Blue front (all of it)
Me: Black ends, half pink bangs, and a pink stripe.

We dyed the dog's hair too. It's pink, green and purple. she looks adorable.
Allie is now imitating Aunt Petunia. Staring out the window at the nonexistant neighbors.
If you haven't determined this yet, it's a boy-girl party. And it's awesome.  These are my best friends and I love them all like brothers. Brothers. However, if they actually were my brothers all of us would probably be dead or in mental hospitals by now. So maybe it's good we aren't siblings.
It's eleven forty-five now. I've been writing for 15 minutes. I'm going to have to go soon.
By the way, they aren't sporks they're fpoons. I like them better because fpoon sounds funny and it's hard to say.
I need to go brush my teeth and put my pajamas on, even though I'm sleeping in my clothes.
Until tomorrow.
 {Continued Sunday afternoon}
By dyeing my hair I effectively stuck all the ends of my hair together. I can't brush my hair anymore. Sadly, the black didn't last after I slept on it, but the pink is still there. Allie got an embarrassing picture of her taken by Silver. It was a dare. (In case you're wondering, no, I don't have the picture.) When we play truth or dare everybody ends up singing stupid songs or confessing their love for somebody. And being very inappropriate along the way. But I really had so much fun.
Later awesome people.
(You guys rock)


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