Hello, random internet people. This is Evy bringing you her very first post!
There will be some random contributers on this blog. Some of them include dragons, more book characters, cats, and possibly other pets of mine that hijack my computer. Just don't even bother to ask about that one. Mint (my cat) has notoriously taken over my Mincraft account before. (Long story)

All listed below as characters are from my writings.
Intentional contributers will have their own signatures. I will be listing them out below:
  • Evy (that's me): Fairy/shadow; character from The Final Princess
  • Ali: My sister; character from An Abandoned Warrior
  • Joe: Weirdo contributer; shouldn't be on much
  • Gemstone: My pet dragon; Last Dragon Chronicles OC
  • Meredith: Teen girl; character from Caught Outside
  • Mint: My cat; computer hacker
  • Amber: Mint's sister; hopefully not a hacker (we'll find out)
So there you have the cast of this blog. Exciting, right? We'll see.
I will make sure to post about, um, once a week, maybe?  We'll see how that goes too.
See you soon,


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