The Element Guardians [Update 1, Prolouge]

Prolouge: Raina Davis
She woke in a hard, wooden seat. She had no idea where she was. Oddly, that wasn't the first question to come into her mind.
“Who am I?” She wondered.
A small voice in the back of her head answered. You are Raina Davis.
“I'm not,” She argued. “I'm not Raina.” She had no idea who she was, just that she was not Raina Davis.
But you are. Ask her. The voice clearly meant the girl with vivid red hair sitting next to her. She didn't know where the girl came from. She was just.. There.
“Who is she?” Raina had given up asking what her name was.
She is Faraka Watherhart. Your best friend. Raina was about to say hello to Faraka, but she spoke first.
“Raina, do you want me to get your lunch?”
“Yeah, sure Faraka,” Raina said. She honestly thought that Fara knew her better than she did.
“What's up with calling me Faraka?” Her friend asked. “Don't call me that, I don't like it. How many times do I have to tell you?! It's Fara!”
“Sorry, Fara,” Raina apologized. 
Fara rolled her eyes. "Yeah right. You say that every time."
After a few minutes, Fara returned with Raina's lunch. Raina stared at the long, breadlike strips on her tray and something that looked like dye to dip them in. 
She mimicked what Fara did, taking one of the strips and poking it into the cup, then eating it. Raina gagged, attempting not to throw up. She forced herself to swallow without spitting out her food. 
  "What's wrong, Raina?" Fara asked.
"Something about this tastes weird," Raina replied.
Fara wrinkled her nose. "I think their ketchup expired, like, last week. We probably shouldn't eat it." 
Ketchup. So that's what it was. Raina pushed the ketchup to the side of her plate and continued eating. The strips were evidently chicken, something that was familiar to Raina. Where she had learned of it, she didn't know. She assumed her parents must have taught her, if she even had parents.
As they exited the lunch room fifteen minutes later, a nagging thought stayed with Raina. 
"I'm not Raina. I'm somebody else! But who?"

Good morning and hope you enjoyed! I am debating if I should post The final Princess or if I should wait until this is finished. Please give an opinion (Even though I think I only have one blog reader ATM) in the comments and see you later!


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