Doll Photo Shoot

Today was the first dry day all week, so I decided to take Rileigh, Kylie, Kaya and Disney out for some photos. I tested a new hairstyle for Kaya as well. Her hair looks great in a ponytail as well as the traditional braids.

Kaya started out with some tree climbing. Fitting for such a beautiful day.

However, I think she made Rileigh a little bit nervous. But then, Kaya was always the adventurous one, whereas Rileigh prefers to keep her feet where they won't slip.

Kylie was pretty fast to join her twin in the tree. She still hung upside down even though she was wearing a dress.
Rileigh eventually gave up trying to catch her sisters if they fell and sat down with Disney.
The twins wanted me to get their picture in the tree together. Kaya wrote something on the bottom of her foot again.

From a different angle. I like this one better.

Eventually everyone decided they were just tired and couldn't climb anymore. The moss was so soft.

Which is your favorite picture? Mine is the first one of Kylie and Kaya in the tree.
Thank you so much for reading, it really means a lot to me.


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