The Blog Crew

As you could probably tell before I added this page, I am not the only one that ever posts, although it is usually me. I decided that I should list the blog crew on a page because, well, why not? Let's see how this goes.

Evy (That's me)

I am the one who technically owns the blog. That is, it's under my name, although Gemstone claims ownership.


Gem is my (overly sassy) pet dragon. She thinks that she owns this blog, mainly because she is in charge of the comment moderation and appearance. 


Meri is a girl from the future who first starred in my unfinished story, Caught Outside. Despite being from the future, where there is significantly more advanced technology, she has a hard time writing blog posts and usually just dictates instead.


Ellie is a small redhead who recently joined the blog. She loves adventure and her dog Scooter.

The cats

Namely, Mint and Amber, although Sammy has joined their ranks in the past. These are the ones who post without my knowing and permission, particularly Mint. Don't tell her I said that though.

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