The Sister Tag! (kind of?)

Daisy at Caught Daydreaming (indirectly) tagged me for the Sister Tag! This post is pretty long and filled with inside jokes, so if you are staring at something in mild horror/confusion, chances are we were laughing our butts off writing it.
If you're especially concerned, I can explain it to you.

I give you *drumroll*
The Sister Tag!!
With my two awesome sisters, Allie and Sam.

Sam: Hey.

Allie: Yo.

Which of you is older?

Sam: No way is Lanie the oldest.
(to Allie) Both of us are the middle.

Lanie: I'm the oldest, then Allie, and then Sam. Sam isn't the youngest by much though.

What's your favorite thing to do together?

Lanie: Make weird LPS videos. Do stupid stuff like dumping a bucket of water over our heads.

Allie: You (Sam and Lanie) like to plan weddings and be mean to the bride and take over.

Sam: Make ridiculous LPS videos where some of the jokes get really offensive.
Kill people and throw funerals. We do that on the daily. I don't have any sisters who don't kill people actually.
Also forcing people to get married and throwing their weddings.
Put on stupid makeup using black eyeshadow and lipstick because Lanie is emo.
And we sing Ride by Twenty One Pilots to make Allie mad.
Ya know just normal sister things.

What are your sisters' favorite foods?

Lanie: Sam likes Thai food.

Allie: Sam likes sushi.

Sam: It's Thai food.

Sam: Ali loves tomatoes. WAIT IS IT BANANA MUFFINS? Or cookies cooked in a muffin tin. Those make your house smell like heaven farted.

Allie: It's the muffins or mango

Lanie: I don't know if I have a favorite food. I like so many things equally.

Allie: Help I should know this.

Sam: She loves so many things equally.

Lanie: Cheese its are my favorite snack food. I don't know about other food, but I really love vegetables.

What's a character trait your sisters have that you appreciate?

Sam: I like that Lanie is an emo spicy girl (WTH does that mean???), and I like that Allie is a bride and that she helps me torture people.

Allie: That Sam comes up with amazingly random quotes as shown in this post.

Lanie: What do you like about me?

Allie: I don't like you

Lanie: Yes you do.

Allie: I like that you don't take my jokes too harshly, and you know no matter how evil I am I'm still willing to give you a hug.

Sam: I'm not. It's okay Emo Spicy Girl, it's okay. Can I call you that for the rest of the blog?

Lanie: It's my new nickname. I like how you two argue over stupid stuff and Allie says Yo all the time. And Sam is pretty good at nicknames. Like St. Allisene.

Sam: You should call this the Emo Spicy Girl Blog.

What is a character trait your sisters have that you don't appreciate?

Sam: First I'd like to say that I hate you both equally. For Allie I'm gonna say the fact that she has a boyfriend. For Emo Spicy Girl over here I actually can't think of anything. She's mostly flawless. The only thing I don't like about her is her dislike of burps.

Lanie: Wow. What a compliment.

Allie: *fake sobs* I dislike that you're always mean to me. For you, Sam, I dislike that you fed me spicy food in that 'What's In My Mouth' challenge. Emo Spicy Girl..... I'm still thinking about that. Maybe that you're so nice that I can't think of anything.

Sam: When she gets mad at you for burping?

Allie: problly.

Lanie: I hate when they burp, but Allie burps worse. It's so gross. And when you make me wear stupid costumes and attend the funeral of someone who isn't dead. Tyler is alive I'm telling you.

Allie: Rest in pieces TJ

(None of these were really character traits but whatever)

What's one hobby you have that your sisters don't?

Sam: Lanie draws, I do tae kwon do.

Allie: I'm not unique

Lanie: You like the reborn baby dolls. I guess that's a hobby?

Sam: Oh I know! Lovingly brushing Striker's hair?

Allie: I don't actually brush his hair

Sam: Then obsessing over Striker.

*Ali sighs dramatically*

Allie: That's the thing I don't like about you. You're always obsessing over me and Striker.

*Allie does something and swears*

Sam: That's her hobby! Swearing!

Who keeps a cleaner room?

Allie: Sam.

Sam: Then Lanie, because she doesn't have much stuff.

Allie: Mine is the worst, because Mr. Turtle sleeps in there.

Lanie: Yeah

What's the biggest way your sisters annoy you?

Lanie: Belching. For both of them.

Allie: By singing Ride (the Twenty One Pilots song)

*Sam starts singing Ride*

Allie: Stop, you know what happens when you do that

Sam: Allie annoys me by swearing. And it annoys me that Lanie knows all the words to every Twenty One Pilots song ever and I'm just sitting there humming until the chorus.

Lanie: I don't know them that well. I just know the popular ones.


Allie: Here's the time when you insert a random yo.

Lanie: Three questions left YOOOOO!


Describe each other in three words:

Sam: For Allie, loving, crazy, and mispronunciations. *laughing maniacally* Lanie is emo, sarcastic, Gerard

Allie: *nasally* really? she's sarcastic? I would nevera thought

Lanie: Gerard is not an adjective and I'm not as obsessed with him as they make me out to be.

Allie: I just tried to call him Bernard.

Lanie: Bernard Way. 

Allie: Smam.... Imma say.... fangirl, obsessive, funny

Lanie: Sam is random, voice-imitations, insistent. Ali is funny, energetic, and loud.

Allie: *quoting the Lego Movie* Honey? Where are my PAAANNTS??


How do the three of you differ personality wise?

Sam: I'm the random fangirl, Lanie's the Emo Spicy Girl, and Allie is 'the anime version of Marilyn Monroe happily mourning the death of someone for the cover of an MCR album.'

Lanie: That is the strangest inside joke. Sam's answers sum her up pretty well. I'm the most serious of us three. Allie is random but in a different way then Sam.

Allie: I don't understand myself.

Sam: You need to get in touch with your emotions.

Allie: I change my voice with my mood, I guess? And I also can get really hyper.

Sam: Yeah Allie is the hyper one.

Why do you love your sisters?

Lanie: Because we get along so well and both of them are amazing people. They are both really sweet and funny. We're sisters and best friends.

Sam: I love Lanie so much because she's very relatable and she always understands my stupid jokes. I love Allie because she joins me when I burp and we burp together and it's a really great bonding experience.

Allie: *weird southern accent* I love ya'll 'cause you understand me. Sometimes. Most of the time you don't mind when I go crazy. Because you accept me for being a weirdo and also join me. And it's a really great bonding experience.

Lanie: Can you tell I'm the serious one here?

Sam: For some reason I want to be in Texas right now. I just really want to eat food there. Don't ask me why. I just wanna eat food in Texas.

Lanie: Texas is great.


That's the tag! With one bonus thing we came up with while working on this.

"Alright Alright Get The Heck Off My Sleepin' Bag" by Pink Pants at the Disco
Sung by Bernard Way featuring One Direction

Well this has been a lovely conversation filled with only the normallest things to say. Peace out y'all.
♡ Sam 

Alright, alright, get the heck off my sleepin' bag, 'cause this is the end of the post. Yo.
☮ Allie ☮

Until later!


  1. You guys are awesome! This was an awesome post. Wow, nice Lego Movie reference XD.

    1. It was so fun to do.
      XD yeah. Allie is random like that.

  2. I laughed too hard at this.


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