In Which I Glitter Everything

So, two weeks ago I bought some nail polish at a yard sale. It had some really gorgeous colors and glitter topcoats and to top it all off, it was only a dollar. I love nail polish, so it was pretty awesome.

So I go all out. I started with just my fingernails. I put two glitter topcoats on, one pink and one green.

I love this look. I am absolutely doing it again.
Then I glittered my toenails with pretty purple polish and purple/blue glitter. My feet are gross, so I'm not sharing a picture of them. Sorry.
The purple polish was borrowed. I can't remember what brand/color it was, which is disappointing because I absolutely love the color. Again, I really love nail polish.
AND THEN. Then I use half a bottle of nail polish and glitter my phone case. No joke.

It looks pretty awesome, doesn't it? I'M IN LOVE HONESTLY.
Now I have minty blue polish with green glitter on my nails.

They match my headphones.
My left hand is good, but my right is a disaster because I'm impatient.
I also have a patch of the same color on my leg because it seemed like a good idea. 
I really love glitter nail polish. This is the best thing I have ever bought. What should I glitter next? And I will glitter everything. Today, my nails. Tomorrow, the world.
Until later,


  1. Ugh I have glitter anxiety, but glitter nail polish I'm attracted to. That color suits you Evy! And the phone case looks so awesome!

  2. I love glitter. Glitter is awesome. And yes, it gets everywhere. But glitter. glitter is great XD

    Great yard sale find! And your nails (and your phone case) look super pretty!

    1. Glitter nail polish is good. Loose glitter is horrifying.

      Thank you!

    2. TrueXD My dad has this sparkly really cute silver light up snowman that goes in the yard for Christmas and it sheds glitter EVERYWHERE. I swear it seems to have limitless glitter even after having it a few Christmases. There is STILL glitter all over the warehouse floor at my dad's bikeshop because of that snowman (and some lightup presents for the front steps at the bikeshopXD)



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