Ya Know, Whatever

It's basically summer at this point in the year. It's warm enough, school is almost over, my dance recital was last Saturday, and I'm leaving for summer camp in less than a week.
I think that really does make it summer.
Recital day was great, a little crazy and stressful, but my best friend got to come to one of my shows and that was amazing. I have been wanting her to come to one since I started dance, and I guess this was the year.
It's weird to think that I won't have dance in the evenings again until September.
My drawing motivation has abandoned me. I hope it comes back soon, I miss it. I've been writing some, but not on any of the projects that I need to finish. I promise I haven't abandoned Nameless, I just have other things I'm writing. Most of it is stuff about my Danger Days OCs. All of it, really. If for some reason someone wants to read it, just ask.
I'm really writing this post to tell you that I may not post anything until June fourth or fifth. I won't be home or with internet access. I'll probably do a post about camp when I get back.
Until later,


  1. Awesome Evy! I'm glad your BFF could come to your recital! That's awesome! I used to do dance a long while ago... but now I've just abandoned all physical activity except Basketball, Swimming, and dreams of going back to Florida to surf. Surfing is by far my favorite sport.

  2. Have fun at camp, evy! I'll try to finish up your button.


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