Birthday Gifts and Fanart

There seem to be a lot of birthdays in April. Patrick Stump, Thomas Jefferson, Beverly Cleary, my cousin Charlie and my friend Carolyn. (Emma @ Drawn To Writing said her birthday was today. It's not April anymore, but birthday shoutout to her)
This is probably why I ended up drawing two birthday cards, one for Charlie and one for Carolyn. I did not draw Thomas Jefferson a birthday card. I just know he was born in April.
I've drawn other stuff too, but only finished about half of it.
This is birthday card one, for Charlie. This little kitten's name is Awkward Paws, because if you look too hard at the drawing, they kind of are. Anyway he's a Siamese cutie. I'm very proud of the sock feet in the background.

Birthday card two was given to Carolyn yesterday, and I realize now that I forgot to get a picture of it. Way to think ahead, Evy.

Drawing three! Smoke Sky and Glitter. Tiny text at the top, I don't know if you can read it, but it says "yeah, she's always like this." Referring to both characters.
The stuff falling from Glitter's hand is, indeed, glitter, and not blood or something poisonous. She named herself Glitter for a reason.
Smoke Sky's face of concern. "Are you sure that stuff is safe? It looks radioactive."

Warriors fanart. This is the warrior ceremony for my OC, Stonekit, or Stoneflower as he is now known. He is the brown cat standing on the rock. I made him back in... 2012? I think? and got really attached to him.The silvery cat on the cloud is a friend's OC, his adoptive older sister who was killed in a fight. Poor Stoneflower still misses her.

This is Celia from Caught Outside. Her shoulder was so hard to draw. I erased that arm so many times before I finally decided that this was good enough. I love her eyes and hair.
Last complete drawing. I shaded this instead of coloring it, which is a bit weird for me but whatever. I like the wings.

I am only showing this because I found it in my sketchbook and have no recollection whatsoever of drawing it. It's my style, but I don't remember making it. Ever. Maybe I'll finish it for Christmas in like, eight months.

That's it! I meant to get this up a little earlier today, but I got busy and didn't get around to it until now. (read: I watched Dan and Phil play Sims 4 for two hours. It was sorta on my to-do list, but?)


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