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Inteviewing Lilly [Caught Outside/Camp NaNo Prep]

Heyy! I'm pretty excited right now because I finally figured out where I'm going with the second half of Caught Outside. Last year, for Camp NaNo, I just kinda threw plot twists at it to see what would happen. It turned out pretty good, but I realized if I kept doing that until the end of the book, I would have so many loose ends to tie up that it would never be fully resolved.

I worked it out just in time for Camp NaNo, too, which is in... *glances at calendar* ONE WEEK?!? I think I'm prepared enough but... As long as I don't panic. No panicking. [it was a week, when I started the post. Now it's just a day.]

As I was plotting the second half of the book, I realized that I was exploring a character that I didn't know very well. Lilly. Her personality has shifted a little as I've been writing, and now it's back to what I intended her to be like when I started the book.
Earlier, Anika posted this character interview and I liked the questions and decided t…

Nameless Part Three: Waking Up Alone

So I check my phone, see notifications from the Skype group chat with Ali, Striker, and Scarlet, check it, and THEY ARE LITERALLY DISCUSSING THE MEANING OF LIFE. My friends/sister confuse me. Not that it really matters because I'm sure I do the same thing.
Anyway. Nameless Part Three. On it.
[Part one][Part two]
Waking Up Alone: (the Boy's perspective)
He opened his eyes and sat up, the cold air hitting him like a slap across the face. His eyelashes were soaked with tears, as were his cheeks. He could feel the tears drying around his eyes. The warmth where his sister usually slept was missing, her side of the bed was cold. He could feel tears prick back up. Even though the nightmare was gone, the image of the monster was burned into his vision, haunting him as though it was waiting in the dark, just beyond his reach. He didn't like waking up alone. He shuddered in the cold, calling on the only time he could remember his sister ever smiling. In his head she was grinning, he…

Best Friend Blogger Q&A tag

Aaaahhh I'm so excited to be doing this!! I've never had anyone else really talk with me on this blog, so this is new, and yes, exciting.

So the rules are pretty simple, just tag 2 people and tell them to do it with their best friend, on or off blogger!

I was tagged by Shuffle from ShuggleCatBlogs. Shoutout to her and Daisy for creating this tag!

I am doing this tag with my friend Scarlet. (I've mentioned her before, she is the same person as Silver in the sleepover post) We were answering these in a Skype chat, so it's not just answers, it's also us talking a little. (And also I had to backspace over so many timestamps. Editing is not fun.)

On with the questions. [edit: I'm sorry that the font is being so weird, the HTML got messed up and I can't seem to fix it]

1. When did you two meet?

Scarlet: At church when I put a puff ball in your hair. xD

Evy: Lol yeah, I remember it really well.

Scarlet: It's been so long..... *insert nostalgia here*

Evy: It really has …

Nameless: Part two

So, you remember THIS piece that I posted about a month ago? The one with no names and mostly description? Yeah, that one.
Well, it's a series now. I'm calling it Nameless. 
Nameless will center around three characters, known as She, The Girl, and The Boy. Not usually capitalized, but you get the idea. It won't be too long, probably ten parts or less. Part one is written from The Girl's perspective. This part is written from She's perspective.
(They will have names at the end. But not until the end.)
Nameless Part Two: She

The bare wood floor creaked under her feet. The old house was drafty and dark. A heavy layer of dust had settled over almost everything. The house worried her, and it was just as cold as outside, but she was glad she had brought them here. She could be safe here, isolated, the way she wanted to be. Isolated and alone, even from the two children in the other room. She sat down on the floor and closed her eyes, letting the sound of her own breathing l…