Sprinkling Thoughts on the Page

I'm sitting on my bed, listening to Green Day and I think I just ate like half a box of cheese its and I don't care.
I found some pristine watercolors that my friend gave me for my 10th birthday and I never used because I didn't want to mess them up, but today I got them out and I painted two roses. They're really pretty and I like them. I have red and purple right now and I plan to paint more.
I want to listen to my music where I have enough space to really dance. I want to do the big dramatic stuff but if I tried to do that in my house I would break something.

Do you guys mind when I make posts like these? This is just stuff that I want to tell someone but I feel weird telling them directly because my policy is pretty much "If it doesn't concern them you're just being weird, Evy." I make posts instead, but I don't know if you even read these and if you don't I'll stop posting them.

I have art but I'm not sure how/when I'm going to post it because I have no sketch pictures for it. It's Smoke Sky again, and her glitter-loving friend Berry Glitter. I might post some little writing stuff with it but it's a little fandom specific and I feel weird talking about the Danger Days fandom so... Tell me if you don't mind me rambling about Danger Days because I love it but I really doubt anyone else here has any idea what it is.
I gotta go to bed or I'll fall asleep anyway, and my phone is dying. Later.


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