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Like I've Been Silenced

Hello! How are you? I am wonderful, and no, I am not the once that has been silenced.
I drew some stuff this afternoon, and took pictures at various stages instead of just the finished product.

This is the sketch. At this point, it was supposed to be a self-portrait. The change is obvious in the finished product. The head proportions are a little off, but the face is good so I'm not complaining.

After I started coloring the hair. This is where the change happened, because I decided that I wanted to to dark/grayish colors and bright red lipstick. Like, cherry red. 
Now I started to shade in the shirt, and I used the smudge from my fingers to darken her hair. Also the eyes have been darkened.

Now the hair, eyes, shirt, and skin are finished. I almost called this the finished product, but then I had another idea. I decided to avoid the red lipstick in favor of...

Black lipstick! And a grayish fog around the rest of the page. I titled it "I've Been Silenced" because she …

Me rambling about stuff

This post is mostly me rambling about dress rehearsal, among other things. You have been warned.
I don't know why, but for some reason me leading younger classes in our performance finale is completely hilarious. I was standing with my arm up waiting to get off the stage and I just started laughing.
My brain right now is an equal mix of nervousness and excitement. I have an eight-count solo in our jazz dance and I need to quit freaking out about that but I can't. It happens every time.
I guess tonight wasn't quite dress rehearsal, because I didn't have to wear a costume. Friday is a different story though.
Funny thing two: My dance teacher pretending to be an entire class full of dancers for the Finale. I think B's rehearsal is tomorrow, so they weren't there. People applauded and stuff which just made it funnier.
Another thing that went through my head while I was at the auditorium tonight for not-quite-dress-rehearsal: "I hope I'm not in pointe shoes…

Recent Artworks

Is it that time again? I suppose it must be.
I know, long gap between posts, but I have been busy. ITS DRESS REHEARSAL WEEK AAHH I'M NOT READY FOR THIS!!! I'm in four dances and I have to help the little kids at the end of the show.
Also music. My recent discoveries are Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, and My Chemical Romance and all of them are AMAZING! 10/10 would recommend. I've started drawing for long periods of time with headphones on.
I haven't drawn much in the past few months, but my skill has been improving. I'm also drawing a bit of a series, starring best friends Kaya and Maryellen.

This is part one of the series-ish, entitled "Fried Cookies." It was based on an inside joke, but it highlights Kaya's baking skill all the same. Here's a hint: Look on the stove.
(Fire. It's fire. Kaya that's not how you make cookies.)
I am really proud of the kitchen background because I put so much detail into it. 

This is part two, "The B…

December highlights and New Year's Resolutions

December is over. That makes me very sad for some reason. But since it is over, I might as well do a highlights post, right?

Firstly, I have a new favorite roller coaster. (that name sounds really silly when you write it down) The prospect of loops and drops scares me, but I love it when I'm actually riding. I guess I'm more of a thrill seeker than I thought I was.

Christmas, of course, was a highlight. It always is. Two gifts stood out to me in particular, even though I wouldn't call them my favorites. I got a Selfie Stick from one grandmother. I didn't think I wanted one, but it's really cool now that I have it. My cousins gave me kitty socks and they're SO ADORABLE AND AMAZING!!
Just look at these.
They have kitties in the front.

And tails and stripes in the back.
(sorry they aren't that great. It's hard to take pictures of your own feet.)

Christmas was also really warm. I wore shorts and short sleeves, and I don't live in Florida in case you w…