October 21, 2017

Woods and Waterfalls

I went on a trip to a state park for fall break two weeks ago. We were up in the mountains and the view from the lodge was beautiful.

These were taken from the back porch of the lodge. I spent a long time staring at the mountains.
Just a disclaimer: I only have my phone camera, and it hates direct sunlight. That's what's going on with the top of this photo. It hasn't affected most of the pictures, but there are a few like this one. 

We got there on Wednesday afternoon and stayed until Friday. On Thursday morning we went on a hike. This trail was the access to the beginning of the Appalachian Trail, and there was a creek. It was in the woods the whole time, but as we got further up the mountain the trees changed.

Some more pictures of the creek.

I looked at this and thought, "Trees are weird." 

This was about the point where we turned around.

These trees look a bit like a fantasy forest, don't you think?

On the way down we stopped to have a snack and wade in the creek.

Allie was telling Mr. Turtle not to step on the rocks.

The water was cold, but it felt good to take my shoes off.

A little waterfall.

I call this angle "gaging how deep the water is because I am not keen on falling in the creek." It would have been up to my waist. I didn't step down.

Later that day we went on a walk to see a waterfall. This one had a path that ended in a lot of stairs that we did not climb.

The creek flowing from the waterfall.

The internet could always use more pictures of my feet.

This water is so peaceful.

Rocks and shiny water.


I thought this sign was really pretty.

This is the view from the overlook where I stopped.

Here is the top of the falls. Allie went all the way up to the bridge, but everyone else was too tired to climb that many stairs. There was a lot more waterfall below the bridge, but it wouldn't focus. This is a prime example of my phone hating direct sunlight.

That night I sat outside and watched the sunset.

This was the last picture I took on this trip. I had so much fun and I would love to go again.

Where is your favorite place that you've been on vacation?

October 16, 2017

Just Because I Love Sweaters Doesn't Mean I Like The Cold.

I don't like fall much. Or winter, for that matter. I mean, the clothes are great. The food is great. Sweaters, hoodies, boots, and candy corn? Amazing. Pretty orange leaves? Also amazing. My birthday? That's pretty good too. The fact that it's 66 degrees outside right now? Bring back summer.

You know who hates the cold? This girl.
Everyone says that cold weather is better, because if you're still cold you can always add another layer. If you're too hot, well... You can't really escape it.
Today I wore three layers: a tank top, a sweater, and a jacket. I was shaking when I was standing outside. And it 66 degrees out!! Yesterday I swear it was still hot.

The leaves aren't bad though. There's this tree at the end of my street that turns the most beautiful orange. But it has to be cold before the leaves turn colors, and it's almost not worth it. Everything here is still completely green.

Yesterday I went to Kohl's and bought a blue jacket and a hoodie. They're both pretty cute, but I was thinking I could wait before I needed them. I was sadly mistaken.

Mr. Turtle is so cute.
The takeaway here is that just because I love sweaters doesn't mean I love the cold. I actually hate it. Give me spring and summer and I'll be happy.
What's your favorite season?

October 8, 2017

Old Art Made New

Currently crying to Conventional Weapons by MCR. I can't believe they scrapped this album the first time. It's all so inspirational and I love it.

I've been drawing and spicing up some old sketches over fall break! I'm almost out of room in my sketchbook, so I picked up another one that I hadn't drawn much in and forgotten about. There were some decent sketches in it. My art has progressed a lot since I drew most of what is in there, so I decided to add some color and fix where it was needed.

This was a very boring sketch of a basket. I added the flowers and stuff at the bottom.
I found a gold paint pen while looking for Sharpies to color this with. I outlined the basket and the bow with it.

I can't remember what this used to look like. I think I kept the eyes and head shape, maybe the hair? All I know is that I spent all afternoon coloring it.
I think of it like one of those melted crayon canvases that you make with a hairdryer. Colors melting, blurring together, wiping out the black-and-white. A person changing, becoming something beautiful.

This was a new drawing. I'm weirdly proud of it.

This drawing had way too much hair. I erased about half of it, to give you some perspective. I just colored it in after that. I love the dramatic eyelashes.

These little marshmallow cats were just outlines. Frosting has a bit of an Elsa look to her, I think.

The Eye. This is smudge-y and messy but I like it. The eye is way out of proportion for the rest of the face. The eyelashes were too big to even be considered eyelashes. It was like they had bangs on their eyelid.
I added in some red lips, a corner of an eyebrow, some little hearts on their cheek, and a lot of hair.

I didn't change this one at all. This unicorn is perfect the way he is.

This is a doodle of one of my OCs. His name is Cinder Chaos, or Cindy for short. He's Glitter's boyfriend and Raina's adoptive dad.
This isn't done in my usual style, but I think it's really cute and I like how it turned out.

A digital art!! This is Pixie Dust, another OC. It says his name in yellow, but I can barely read it. Why did I put it in yellow? His eyes are really satisfying.

Lastly, the cute girlfriend content. Dria is on the left, Laura on the right. Laura came out so good? I'm really happy with it.
I meant to draw this for Watermelon Day, but it clearly didn't happen. But I got it done, and they're pretty cute, don't you think?

Which of these is your favorite? Do you like my "Grass" drawing?