June 20, 2017

In Which I Glitter Everything

So, two weeks ago I bought some nail polish at a yard sale. It had some really gorgeous colors and glitter topcoats and to top it all off, it was only a dollar. I love nail polish, so it was pretty awesome.

So I go all out. I started with just my fingernails. I put two glitter topcoats on, one pink and one green.

I love this look. I am absolutely doing it again.
Then I glittered my toenails with pretty purple polish and purple/blue glitter. My feet are gross, so I'm not sharing a picture of them. Sorry.
The purple polish was borrowed. I can't remember what brand/color it was, which is disappointing because I absolutely love the color. Again, I really love nail polish.
AND THEN. Then I use half a bottle of nail polish and glitter my phone case. No joke.

It looks pretty awesome, doesn't it? I'M IN LOVE HONESTLY.
Now I have minty blue polish with green glitter on my nails.

They match my headphones.
My left hand is good, but my right is a disaster because I'm impatient.
I also have a patch of the same color on my leg because it seemed like a good idea. 
I really love glitter nail polish. This is the best thing I have ever bought. What should I glitter next? And I will glitter everything. Today, my nails. Tomorrow, the world.
Until later,

June 14, 2017


I can write romance. I think. This is the first time I've written something like this. Give me feedback please!
I promise I haven't forgotten Nameless. or maybe I have oops

Title: Watermelon
Perspective: Dria (from Shadowed, but a few years in the future)
475 words

    The sun beat down on the party, warming Dria through her shirt. The twins were playing nearby, probably driving Samantha crazy. Sam was the closest cousin to their age; she was fifteen and they were nine, and they bothered her endlessly. She dodged the twins again and went to sit next to Cleo. Thomas frowned, then bent down to pet the dog. He wore his hair in two braided pigtails to match Brayleigh. He even had little bows with stars and stripes, bows Brayleigh had gladly given up to style her brother's hair. Although Dria barely saw them, being in college, she loved her little siblings with all of her heart.
    She pulled her phone from halfway under her leg. She checked the contact name: Laura, with little hearts around it. She looked up, searching the scene for her girlfriend. Laura was sitting in a folding chair about ten feet away, with her feet propped up on the picnic table, eating green beans from a plate in her lap. She turned and grinned at Dria, who waved back. She was still in her sequined bikini top from earlier, when the two girls had walked ten minutes down the road to the neighbors pool party. Dria had opted to put a shirt on since, but Laura loved the feeling of sun on her skin and didn't mind the questions.
    Thomas and Brayleigh and Mrs. Payne had been invited, but didn't want to come because Brayleigh was expecting other friends. Dria and Laura had gone instead. The Baty family had not been expecting two twenty-one year old girls instead of the twins, but they welcomed them all the same. The two had left after an hour though, half because Dria's aunt had texted her to say that hamburgers were ready, and half because Laura had noticed Mr. Baty giving her dirty looks about the amount of watermelon she was eating.
    Laura's favorite thing was watermelon. From the watermelon “BFFs” necklace Dria had gotten her for Valentine's Day (“You know we're more than that,” Laura had giggled, then kissed Dria's cheek), to lip gloss and her favorite Jolly Rancher candies, to popsicles, and actual watermelon. It was her favorite scent, flavor, pattern. Dria had noticed the first time she walked into Laura's room. Almost every piece of décor was watermelon themed.
    The furniture that wasn't watermelon themed varied in shades of vibrant oranges and pinks. Laura loved summer: the sun, the beach, even the hundred-degree temperatures didn't bother her. Her cheeks and shoulders were covered in freckles. Dria loved her freckles. Combined with Laura's shimmery hazel eyes, they were the most beautiful things she had ever seen.
    Dria stood up and walked over to Laura, hugging her from behind. Laura's tangled blond hair smelled like sunscreen and pool water.
    “I love you,” Laura said.
    Dria grinned. “You too.”

Please tell me what you think! I hadn't gotten to write Laura until now, and I enjoyed exploring her character.
Laura's watermelon obsession inspired by Charlie's obsession with pineapple. 😃
Until later.

June 4, 2017

The Writer's Tag!

I'm definitely not eating refried beans just for the heck of it. Nope, not me.
Anyway. The subject of this post is not my strange food choices. (Although they do taste really good...?)
I was tagged by the amazing ShuffleCat to do the Writer's Tag!

What genres, styles, and topics do you write about?

Well. Shadowed is fantasy, Caught Outside is futuristic/dystopian-ish, HotPinkHair is YA contemporary, and Nameless is... I don't actually know.
I also like to write romance. Not that you would know, because I haven't shown you any of that. Shipping my own characters is a thing I do quite frequently.
I'm actually going to post a short piece about Dria with some romance in it, so stay tuned for that!

How long have you been writing?

Forever. In kindergarten, the only year of public school I attended, we had a writer's workshop time and I would write actual stories. They weren't very original, ("The Prince and the Princess went snorkeling" was an actual thing I wrote) but it was still writing.
I guess since I could write, about age four.

Why do you write?

My brain is filled with stories. I write because I have to get the stories out. Because I love to see the little pictures I have in my head unfold on the paper. Because I love to see character names scribbled in colorful ink in my notebook. Because I don't want the things I've created to fade and be forgotten.
I write because I love it.

When is the best time to write?

When it's half past midnight and the house is quiet. When I'm so angry I feel like I could murder someone. When "what if?" pops into my head. When a song makes me feel so much I have to put it somewhere.
Anytime is good for writing.

What parts of writing do you love and hate?

This is weird, but I hate actually plotting. I don't like being tied down, but I have to be, or else the story never gets finished.
I love everything about creating a world. I love creating ships and characters and families. I really love writing. I don't even mind editing.

How do you overcome writer's block?

Move on. I pick up an old story, or I write a short something featuring the characters. I add a plot twist. I skip that part.
And sometimes I just take a step back and do something else, until I'm ready to write again.

Are you working on something at the moment?

More specifically, I'm trying to fix Caught Outside because it kinda fell apart, I'm plotting the Hazernian Chronicles (the storyline Shadowed and The Final Princess are in), and I'm writing two short ship-y pieces. And Nameless. I can't forget that.

What are your writing goals this year?

Finish something. Nameless. Shadowed. Caught Outside. I honestly don't care. I just want to type "the end" and hand it to someone else to read. I know it can be done, but it seems so far away.

Now I think I have to tag people. Uh.
Everyone I know has already done this. If you want to do this, go ahead. I can't stop you anyway. If you do the tag, tell me.

That's it! Do you like refried beans? What inspires you to write?

May 23, 2017

Ya Know, Whatever

It's basically summer at this point in the year. It's warm enough, school is almost over, my dance recital was last Saturday, and I'm leaving for summer camp in less than a week.
I think that really does make it summer.
Recital day was great, a little crazy and stressful, but my best friend got to come to one of my shows and that was amazing. I have been wanting her to come to one since I started dance, and I guess this was the year.
It's weird to think that I won't have dance in the evenings again until September.
My drawing motivation has abandoned me. I hope it comes back soon, I miss it. I've been writing some, but not on any of the projects that I need to finish. I promise I haven't abandoned Nameless, I just have other things I'm writing. Most of it is stuff about my Danger Days OCs. All of it, really. If for some reason someone wants to read it, just ask.
I'm really writing this post to tell you that I may not post anything until June fourth or fifth. I won't be home or with internet access. I'll probably do a post about camp when I get back.
Until later,

May 11, 2017

Kittens! (or really just Mint)

Do you, by chance, want to look at fifty pictures of my cat in various positions? If so, you have come to the right post. Welcome.
This post is dedicated to my wonderful cat Mint, who likes to sleep on things.

JUST LOOK AT THIS CUTIE SLEEPING ON MY ESSAY!! I have a lot of good pictures, considering how much she hates the camera. Seriously. She despises having her picture taken.

Selfie faceee! Or resentful glare at the camera, whichever you prefer.

"Leave me alone."

"You're not going to, are you?"
Yes, she is sleeping in a flowerbox. If you look you can see Amber in the one behind her. It's like, her favorite bed. 

Just look at Amber, being so photogenic. (and also my backyard. It's wonderfully green.)

Mint offers you a car and a garbage can.

Cute sleepy Mint! Go!
Light flare.



With my leg.

This is my phone background.

On my coloring sheet while I was trying to color it. But she was too cute!!

Not-so-sleepy-Mint on my Dad's car.


"u woke me up. rly?"

"Hello to you too."

Amber, guest starring Ali's legs. She so sweet and cuddly and ahhhhhhhh!

Amber likes the stuffed animal couch. She fits right in.


 This is my Grandmother's cat, Harper. He's about a year old, as opposed to Mint and Amber, who are three years old.

 And to wrap up this post, my friend Stephanie's cat, Happy. Happy is very happy in general and I think she likes me.

Do you love cats as much as I do??
      -Evy (I've had enough images for one post.)

May 5, 2017

Birthday Gifts and Fanart

There seem to be a lot of birthdays in April. Patrick Stump, Thomas Jefferson, Beverly Cleary, my cousin Charlie and my friend Carolyn. (Emma @ Drawn To Writing said her birthday was today. It's not April anymore, but birthday shoutout to her)
This is probably why I ended up drawing two birthday cards, one for Charlie and one for Carolyn. I did not draw Thomas Jefferson a birthday card. I just know he was born in April.
I've drawn other stuff too, but only finished about half of it.
This is birthday card one, for Charlie. This little kitten's name is Awkward Paws, because if you look too hard at the drawing, they kind of are. Anyway he's a Siamese cutie. I'm very proud of the sock feet in the background.

Birthday card two was given to Carolyn yesterday, and I realize now that I forgot to get a picture of it. Way to think ahead, Evy.

Drawing three! Smoke Sky and Glitter. Tiny text at the top, I don't know if you can read it, but it says "yeah, she's always like this." Referring to both characters.
The stuff falling from Glitter's hand is, indeed, glitter, and not blood or something poisonous. She named herself Glitter for a reason.
Smoke Sky's face of concern. "Are you sure that stuff is safe? It looks radioactive."

Warriors fanart. This is the warrior ceremony for my OC, Stonekit, or Stoneflower as he is now known. He is the brown cat standing on the rock. I made him back in... 2012? I think? and got really attached to him.The silvery cat on the cloud is a friend's OC, his adoptive older sister who was killed in a fight. Poor Stoneflower still misses her.

This is Celia from Caught Outside. Her shoulder was so hard to draw. I erased that arm so many times before I finally decided that this was good enough. I love her eyes and hair.
Last complete drawing. I shaded this instead of coloring it, which is a bit weird for me but whatever. I like the wings.

I am only showing this because I found it in my sketchbook and have no recollection whatsoever of drawing it. It's my style, but I don't remember making it. Ever. Maybe I'll finish it for Christmas in like, eight months.

That's it! I meant to get this up a little earlier today, but I got busy and didn't get around to it until now. (read: I watched Dan and Phil play Sims 4 for two hours. It was sorta on my to-do list, but?)

May 2, 2017

Just Little Things (9 random facts about me)

So, I stumbled across this post in my drafts. I was writing it around last dance recital, and I decided to finish, edit and post it. I have added some stuff in italics that wasn't part of the original post.
I still plan to post that art on Friday. Stick around for that.
Here ya go:

DRESS REHEARSAL WEEK HASN'T STOPPED ME YET! I have rehearsals tonight but at least I don't need my costumes. 
This is pretty much exactly what the title says it is. I just want to share some of these things.


I LOVE TUTUS!!!!!!!!!! No amount of exclamation points will ever emphasize that enough. Unfortunately, this is the extent of my tutu collection:
Not such a great picture, but it was the best lighting I could get. It looks way better on an actual person.
*sighs* It's the only one I've ever had. I WANNA TUTU!! *sobs* Maybe someday...


My two favorite bands at the moment are Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy. Both are rock bands, but with very different styles. Both wrote songs that I loved before I even knew there names. The songs are It's Time by Imagine Dragons and My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy. (What is up with that title though?? I mean come on.)
Adding to the list of favorite bands: My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Black Veil Brides, Panic! at the Disco, I could go on and on. THEY'RE ALL SO GOOD AAAAAAH! 
Also, have any of you heard Fall Out Boy's new song, Young And Menace??? If not go listen to it, it's great. The video is weird, just warning you. Not really bad, just kinda creepy. It makes me uncomfortable.
Another also: Thunder by Imagine Dragons. This is the end of my rant about bands.


I am a teenager. In the younger half of the teenage years, but it still counts.
Now you know. :)


I have never actually read the text of The Sorcerers Stone (it's the first Harry Potter book). I listened to the audiobook when I was about six, and many times since then, but I have never actually read it. Perhaps I will someday.


I collect critters. Not any specific kind, but my bookshelf is covered in them. I have dragons, Littlest Pet Shops, and a kitty that Charlie gave me for Christmas. I also have a ton of stuffed critters too, a whole shoe organizer full. It is the best way to store them, and actually works well.


I'm an introvert. For some reason this seems to confuse/surprise people. I told my friend Sam once and her reply was, "But you don't hate people?" No, I don't hate people, but crowds and strangers make me really uncomfortable. My choice of superpower might be invisibility, so I can exist without worrying that someone is judging me.


I love performing, to an extent. There's almost nothing more amazing than having the audience cheer mid-dance because you did something cool. Kick lines tend to do that to audiences. For anything other than dance, though, I suffer from horrible stage fright. Dance rarely bothers me. Except maybe Singing In The Rain. That was pretty bad. Bad, bad, memories.
Solos are also hard. I had one that was about eight counts long in our last recital, and it was hard not to panic in the wings. I wasn't even the only one on stage, just the only one dancing. I didn't trip or anything, so that was good. In other words: I'm okay on stage as long as I'm not the only one potentially looking stupid.


When I was little, I decided that I was going to be a famous singer. Now my opinion is that I really can't sing, but maybe that's because of my music tastes. Most of the stuff I listen to is sung by 20-30 year old men. If it was more suited to my voice, I might sing it. Maybe. But definitely not solo.
I wrote a song about my My Little Ponies running away one time. I still remember most of the words, and for me being seven years old at the time, it had a pretty good tune and stuff. I performed it for my family and I was super nervous but I seem to remember they liked it. My current poetry sucks. I cannot write songs to save my life. 


Guess my favorite princess. Take a wild guess. Here's a hint: She's a redhead, born royal. It's not Anna or Elsa.

ARIEL! I'm not exactly sure why I like her so much. Maybe because she's a mermaid who sings. I want to draw fanart of her, but I can't seem to translate her hair into my own style. Keep trying I guess.

So that's it! You now know nine more things about me.
Until Friday,

April 29, 2017

I've Been Drawing

I've been drawing quite a lot, actually. More than I've been writing, which is not so great since it's Camp NaNo.
This post is mostly me summarizing April. Not a lot has happened this month, but it hasn't been horrible.

This month I have:

  • Taken a standardized test (blegh)
  • Written 7000 words towards Caught Outside 
  • Decided to attend a public high school next year 
  • Made two batches of chocolate chip cookie bars
  • Drawn a bunch of stuff (Birthday gifts and fanart mostly)
  • Filled a journal
I only wrote a third as much as I was hoping to. I still have three thousand words left to reach my 10,000 word goal, which is doable, but my original goal was 30,000. I'm not sure how much I have collectively, because I decided to scrap about half of my current draft and take the plot in a new direction. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, and I think it has a lot more potential this way.

I'm going to high school. I'm not sure how well my introverted self will do around that many people, but I'm at least going to try it.
The standardized testing was something my Mom wanted to do. Not hard, but really boring.

CHOCOLATEE! Enough said.

I have drawn a lot. I'm working on a post with those things in it right now. However, I will not post it until Friday because it contains a birthday drawing for one of my friends, and I don't want her to see it before I actually give it to her. I think she reads my blog sometimes.
Happy birthday Carolyn, if you are reading this. 
I found a new coloring style too! It makes everything shiny. 

I filled a journal for the first time in my life. I've kept four, I think? The one that I've filled the most, besides this one, was a velvet-covered one that my grandmother gave me.
I don't write down anything in particular. Dreams, thoughts, things people have said to me. I just write in bullet points and phrases, not even full sentences most of the time. It works really well for getting thoughts on the paper.
That being said, now I need a new notebook.

Just look at her. So cute.

April 16, 2017


Sophie/Shuffle at Lunar Reflections tagged me for the Sunshine Blogger award. Thank you for giving me something to post about.
I've been at an inspiration block for most everything, besides Caught Outside, which is good. I'm still way behind on Camp NaNo. I could make it, but it's doubtful.

Thank the person who nominated you
Answer their questions
Nominate 11 people
Ask 11 questions

You all know me. You know I never nominate anyone for awards ever because I know no one. Oh well. 

Sophie's questions are:
  • What is your favorite MG fiction book?
  • On a scale of one to ten, what is your favorite color of the alphabet?
  • Favorite caffeinated beverage?
  • Favorite Disney song?
  • If you could time travel to any time period and meet anyone at any time in their life, when and who would you go to?
  • If you were in Star Wars, what role would you play?
  • Have you ever blown anything up?
  • Favorite book villain?
  • Dream job?
  • Do you own any POP!s? If so, which one(s)?

And I go on to answer them here. I think I'm going to be spewing a lot of thoughts here, possibly unrelated to the questions. We'll see how it goes.

What is your favorite MG fiction book?
So, I'm assuming MG stands for Middle Grade. And in that case
  • the Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus series
  • or Warriors (also a series)
Both of which are very good and you should read them. Also both very long. Warriors has like, thirty something books and they are still writing more. I haven't read most of the new ones, but I want to.

On a scale of one to ten, what is your favorite color of the alphabet?
Tacos. My friends and I have discussed this and decided that is the appropriate answer.

Favorite caffeinated beverage?
Coffeeeeee or Dr. Pepper. Both are very good.
I rarely drink coffee but its so good. 

Favorite Disney song?
Just kidding. Or am I?
Ummm.... I love the entire Frozen soundtrack, and I'll Make A Man Out Of You is fun to sing.
WAIT. That one song from Robin Hood about Prince John. I have no idea what it's called, but I love it. And the piano one from the Aristocats. (Those are two of my favorite Disney movies. I love them and I used to watch them a ton.)

If you could time travel to any time period and meet anyone at any time in their life, when and who would you go to?
I would go really really far back to like, Biblical times. And I would just live there, see what life was like.
Ancient Rome or Greece would be cool too. Or any time we don't know a lot about. Discovering their culture through being there would be so cool.
As for who... I'm not sure. Maybe just average civilians. 

If you were in Star Wars, what role would you play?
I know nothing about Star Wars. Although I had a dream about it once! I don't know exactly why it was Star Wars specifically, because it was one of those things that you just subconsciously know.
I remember that there was a war. I was trying to hide a baby in a creepy mansion but there was nowhere to hide it. I went outside and got shot in the leg. Thankfully the baby was safe.

Have you ever blown anything up? 
Not exactly. Coke and Mentos. Those bubble wrap things that are fun to pop. But other than that, no.

Favorite book villain?
I don't know. I feel like I say this a lot.
A villain that I can't help but hate? Professor Umbridge. She's so awful and just ugghhhhhh.... I want to punch her. 

Dream job?
I would love to write or draw. Or if I got into professional dance.
I wonder what dance companies do big jazz productions. I would rather do that than ballet. 

Do you own any POP!s? If so, which one(s)?
NO. I think POPs are sort of ugly, to be honest. I would not want one.

That concludes it. Sleepy Evy signing off.

April 11, 2017

Camp NaNo update

It's going nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. Crossing my fingers that I'll do better in July.
11 days, less than two thousand words. COME ON EVY STEP UP YOUR GAME YOU CAN DO IT. If I can get two thousand words a day, I might be able to make it. Might.
That's pretty much it. Goodbye.

March 30, 2017

Inteviewing Lilly [Caught Outside/Camp NaNo Prep]

Heyy! I'm pretty excited right now because I finally figured out where I'm going with the second half of Caught Outside. Last year, for Camp NaNo, I just kinda threw plot twists at it to see what would happen. It turned out pretty good, but I realized if I kept doing that until the end of the book, I would have so many loose ends to tie up that it would never be fully resolved.

I worked it out just in time for Camp NaNo, too, which is in... *glances at calendar* ONE WEEK?!? I think I'm prepared enough but... As long as I don't panic. No panicking. [it was a week, when I started the post. Now it's just a day.]

As I was plotting the second half of the book, I realized that I was exploring a character that I didn't know very well. Lilly. Her personality has shifted a little as I've been writing, and now it's back to what I intended her to be like when I started the book.
Earlier, Anika posted this character interview and I liked the questions and decided to do it myself. The questions are from something called Beautiful People.
[I will be talking in italics, Lilly speaks in regular font]

1. What is their full name and is there a story behind why they got it?

My name is Lilly Brianne Arnold. I guess my parents just thought it was pretty?

Lilly suits your character, and Brianne just made it flow right.

Oh. So yeah, it's mostly just pretty.

That about sums it up.

2. How old are they, and when were they born?

I'm fifteen and... when was I born?

*shrugs* I don't have a definite year for Caught Outside. The date is March fourteenth, I just don't know the year.

3. Describe their physical appearance. (Bonus questions: 1. What is their race/nationality/ethnicity? 2. Do you have a picture of them? If so, include it!)

I have really light blond hair that is, thankfully, naturally straight. I have blue eyes, I'm about average height, I think that's really it. I don't wear glasses or contacts or anything.

Yeah, I think that's it.

Oh! I have pierced ears, and I usually have on some form of chapstick. (or in my pocket, at least.)

4. Describe your character's personality first in one word, then elaborate with a few sentences.


I'm going to go with logical, for now at least. Generally, she works things out with logic, thinks thoroughly before making decisions, but not to the point that it kills the fun. Choosing to stay up until four AM watching movies isn't exactly logical, but it made sense to her. When she gets stressed or angry, she still thinks everything through, but her solutions are harsher and less put together. If you make her really angry, though... She pretty much explodes.

Is that really what I do?

Sadly, yes.


5. What theme song(s) fit their character and story arc?



We don't know.

6. Which one of the seven deadly sins describes your character?

...wrath? I mean, based on Evy's description of me, I sound like a monster when I get angry. I think it's the best of the seven.

7. If they were an element (fire, water, earth, air) which one would they be?

Water. Quiet, peaceful, beautiful, it can save your life but it can also drown you.

8. What is their favorite word?

I'm not sure. I say "chill" a lot, but I hadn't put much thought into favorites until now.

9. Who's one person they miss? (It could be someone who's passed away, or someone who they're not close to anymore, or someone who moved away.)

Joel. I miss my little bro and... I just loved him so much. It doesn't even seem real that he's not here. I wish it wasn't real.
If I had just trusted only me with him, and not--

Lilly, I know you're upset, and I know you have a whole laundry list of people to blame, including yourself, but you're giving away like, ninety percent of the plot, so I'm cutting off this explanation.

10. What sights, sounds, and smells remind them of that person?

The empty bed in Henry's room.
The street corner where we stopped running long enough for Celia to tell me what had happened.
The way his footsteps sounded on the stairs.
There is more, but--

I know. I know. 


So that was fun. Especially writing Lilly missing Joel.
Is anyone else doing Camp NaNo? (probably not but I'll ask)

March 20, 2017

Nameless Part Three: Waking Up Alone

So I check my phone, see notifications from the Skype group chat with Ali, Striker, and Scarlet, check it, and THEY ARE LITERALLY DISCUSSING THE MEANING OF LIFE. My friends/sister confuse me. Not that it really matters because I'm sure I do the same thing.
Anyway. Nameless Part Three. On it.
[Part one] [Part two]

Waking Up Alone: (the Boy's perspective)

He opened his eyes and sat up, the cold air hitting him like a slap across the face. His eyelashes were soaked with tears, as were his cheeks. He could feel the tears drying around his eyes. The warmth where his sister usually slept was missing, her side of the bed was cold. He could feel tears prick back up. Even though the nightmare was gone, the image of the monster was burned into his vision, haunting him as though it was waiting in the dark, just beyond his reach. He didn't like waking up alone. He shuddered in the cold, calling on the only time he could remember his sister ever smiling. In his head she was grinning, her cheeks and hands scratched from the blackberry thorns. She was laughing, laughing because he had tasted a red one, scowled, and promptly spat it out.
He clutched the blanket in his fist as the image faded, trying to hold on to it as long as he could. Tears trickled further down his cheeks, leaving wet streaks in their wake. His breath caught in his throat, coming out as a sob instead. He was scared. He was alone.
But then she was there, wrapping her arms around him, picking him up and holding him close, whispering to him that she was here now, he was alright. He could feel her heartbeat underneath his cheek, and the steady pulse calmed him.
She set him on his feet, then sat down on the floor. He crawled into her lap, wrapping his arms around her neck again and laying his head on her shoulder. She ran her fingers through his hair, still talking quietly.
“It was just a dream,” she whispered, “you're alright, you're safe.”
“But you were gone.”
“But now I'm here, and you're here, and we're both safe.” Her warm breath brushed his ear, tickling him.
“Are we?” he asked, almost fearfully. His sister just hugged him closer, and he closed his eyes, letting her long hair sweep over his face like a veil.
“Yes,” she said determinedly. “We're safe here.”


I really liked writing this part, so what do you think? And I added dialogue. It was impossible to avoid, but I like the way it sounds. 
I think I'm going to make some art for this at some point, but I'm out of ideas. If you have suggestions PLEASE tell me. 
Bye for now!

March 16, 2017

Best Friend Blogger Q&A tag

Aaaahhh I'm so excited to be doing this!! I've never had anyone else really talk with me on this blog, so this is new, and yes, exciting.
So the rules are pretty simple, just tag 2 people and tell them to do it with their best friend, on or off blogger!
I was tagged by Shuffle from ShuggleCatBlogs . Shoutout to her and Daisy for creating this tag!
I am doing this tag with my friend Scarlet. (I've mentioned him before, he is the same person as Silver in the sleepover post) We were answering these in a Skype chat, so it's not just answers, it's also us talking a little. (And also I had to backspace over so many timestamps. Editing is not fun.)
On with the questions. [edit: I'm sorry that the font is being so weird, the HTML got messed up and I can't seem to fix it]
1. When did you two meet?
Scarlet: At church when I put a puff ball in your hair. xD
Evy: Lol yeah, I remember it really well.
Scarlet: It's been so long..... *insert nostalgia here*
Evy: It really has been though! Like, seven years.
Scarlet: yeah...
Scarlet: I suddenly feel like a teenager all of a sudden....
Evy: Well you are one.
Scarlet: Yeah but still. It's just strange.

2. What is one personality trait that the other has that you like?
Scarlet: I would say for the second question, we're both smart, and really quirky birds. Like, seriously weird, but no matter what goes though our relationship it always holds up. Try and true.
Evy: I like that about you too, and also you listen.
Evy: Very simple, but I fell like I can actually tell you stuff
Scarlet: Yeah, me too.

3. What fictional friendship is like yours?
Evy: Question three... Ummm... I can't think of one right now.
Scarlet: hmmmm....
Scarlet: Like harry and Hermione.
Evy: Oh yeah!
Evy: That one seems so obvious now
4. What are your MBTI personalities?
Scarlet: uh- uhm.... whats MBTI?
Evy: Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Scarlet: ah. One sec, I need to take it again.
Evy: I'm an INFP
Scarlet: I'm taking the test, lol
[Scarlet sends me this picture]
Evy: We're the same! wow
Evy: Also, plug in your phone 
5. What are the fandoms that you got each other into?
Evy: I think none?
Scarlet: I feel like it would be Homestuck for me (getting you to look at it) and then you got my into that family thing with "The Girl"
Evy: Yeah, Danger Days. I feel like I've just kinda been throwing it at you and you're just watching, but sure.

6. What is the funniest thing you have said to each other?
Scarlet: This next one is like, impossible.
Scarlet: Since, like, everything is so random
Evy: We say so much random stuff we can't even remember it. I thought I had a list somewhere, but oh well. 
7. What is a quote that you think describes the other best?
Scarlet: For the quote
Evy: I'm bad at both quotes and describing people
me to

Scarlet: Yeah, me too.  
[We skipped this one]  
8. Biggest disagreement?
Scarlet: what would this be...?

Evy: Yeah probably. [←As I edit this, I am adding so much punctuation to Scarlet's stuff. This is very true.]

8.5. Biggest agreement? 
Scarlet: Seasons. I guess?

Scarlet: Character creation! that's it!
Evy: Definitely. What do you mean by seasons though?
Scarlet: Liking the same seasons
Evy: Like spring and fall?
Scarlet: yeah

9. What ship from a fandom (an actual space ship) would you take? 
Evy: The Tardis
Scarlet: hell yeah
Evy: You can literally go anywhere
Evy: It would be amazing
Scarlet: yeah!

10. Favorite couple ship?
Scarlet: and now couple ships...
Scarlet: This is a hard one.
Evy: Probably SunLight for me (Sunset Shimmer X Twilight Sparkle, My Little Pony)
Scarlet: MMM this is a really hard one.
Evy: Speaking of SunLight... *Momentarily disappears to check FimFiction*
Evy: *returns from FimFiction excitedly* IT UPDATED!!! I have more Spectacular Seven to read later!!
Scarlet: Cherry x Kakiro, or Scarlet x Jinx.
[Scarlet made the ones on the left (names/character) and then his friend role played as the ones on the right.]

11. Favorite video games?
Evy: Uhhh minecraft
Evy: Because that's the only one I play so therefore my favorite?
Scarlet: Overwatch. or Starbound.

12. What are you about to go do/watch?

Scarlet: Well. I'm watching Night In The Woods on Youtube, and talking to you.
Evy: I'm going to go read the new Spectacular Seven chapter and write this into a post

Scarlet: That's it, then. That was super fun!
Evy: It was! Thanks for doing this!
Scarlet: If yah don't mind... link my Youtube channel? #shamelessselfpromotion
Evy: Sure. His Youtube channel is HERE, he posts gaming videos.

Yay! This took me forever to edit, but thankfully it's done now. Phew.
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I have two (?) other posts in progress, and part three of Nameless is finished, I just need to look over it again. Thank you again to Shuffle for tagging me, this was really fun. Until later,