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Christmas / Goodbye 2017

According to my schedule, this should go up on New Year's Eve, otherwise known as the last day of 2017. Right now, 2018 is a scary prospect. Lots of things are changing!
It's really just two things.
I'm going to college.I'm going back to being homeschooled.I am actually taking college classes. Just English and math. My other classes are still high school level, but they will be online.
So I get to start high school and college in the same school year.
But more about resolutions and things next week.

Christmas was great. I woke up at 5:55 A.M. and couldn't go back to sleep, which is weird for me, but my stomach hurt and Allie was in my room watching videos with no headphones.
Allie has trouble sleeping on Christmas. As far as I can remember, she's always gotten up before 5:30 on Christmas morning.
The night before, Dad, Allie, and I had set up a marble track for Mr. Turtle, and he was thrilled when he found it. It is very cool. I wouldn't mind getting one my…

Cheeto Torches: my christmas trip

I'm back! Along with my creative energy. It was nice to not think about blogging for two weeks.
Over those two weeks, my family went to see both sets of grandparents and my cousins. It was awesome, as always. We stayed with my mom's parents for three days, then stayed in a hotel for another night and visited my dad's parents the next morning.
These are some highlights from my trip, in no particular order, mixed with some pictures I took.

caramel cake driving the golf cart when we were playing Sorry and everyone started humming the Chicken Dance"I have come for your soul"
when we were playing hide-and-seek in the dark and we couldn't find Braxton for 20 minuteshe was laying in some leavesCharlie, Allie, and I were thinking about being on a ghost hunting show while trying to find Braxton and my dad and Mason jumped out and we screamed. cranberry salad Braxton played Monopoly all the way through with his dad. light necklacesthe dancing Santa Claus …

It's Snowing!!

My mom woke me up at 9 this morning and told me to look out the window.

That's our bird feeder. It's all hazy because it was still snowing really hard.
It hasn't snowed in December in 7 years, I think. It snowed on Christmas when I was eight or nine.
I don't think it even snowed this much last January.

Look at this!! It's so white and pretty!!

My boots.

A nervous Amber venturing into the driveway slush.

Evan is my snow day buddy.

I'm loving Google's Santa Tracker site right now. I'm a little obsessed with the Wrap Battle game. I also beat all 9 levels of Code Boogie.
Here is the link, if you want to play.

While you're here: I'm taking a break from blogging until Christmas. I had posts planned out. What I don't have is the energy to actually accomplish them. To restore creative energy, a break is in order.
Until Christmas Eve,

So I Bought A Doll

I told myself I wouldn't do it. It was a lost cause.

This is Evan, the first doll I created with AG's Create-Your-Own line. I fell completely in love. Her hair? Her eyes? Absolutely adorable. I said I shouldn't get another doll. It was $200! I had heard bad things about the custom line having defects or sending the wrong doll. I decided to go for it anyway, and I'm so glad I did.

Scooter is excited for a new friend.

Meet Evan Claire!

Isn't she beautiful?

She has gray eyes and freckles.

And she wears blue glasses. I decided to get the new pixie cut wig, and I'm absolutely in love with it.

She loves flowers. 

And butterflies.

And she wears a hearing aid. I think it makes her a little bit unique.

That's my new doll! She is absolutely beautiful and I love her. I didn't have any problems with the Create-Your-Own line. Everything is AG quality and it even shipped faster than I thought it would.  Fun fact: The flowers in this photoshoot were from my mom…

A Former Homeschooler's Take on Public School

(Inspired by Loren)
I think most of you know that I started public high school this year, after being homeschooled my whole life. If you didn't, now you do.  Everyone asks me if I like school, and they look surprised whenever I say that it's pretty good. I think they expect me to say that it's exhausting and draining and I wish weekends would last forever. That's partly true, but the good parts mostly balance it out. Mostly.
The first day was confusing and scary. I had never been in the same building as two thousand other people before. It was really loud. I didn't know the layout of the school or my schedule.  We started the day with a pep rally. I decided that I hate pep rallies. It was too loud and it was kind of pointless. Next we had advisement period, and that was better. The bell schedule was changed that day, so all the classes were out of order. We had 4th period before 3rd, because of lunch. They lengthened lunch to 30 minutes instead of 20. I sat with a girl…

Pumpkin Patch Pictures

It's raining and I'm cold.
There have been some beautiful fall leaves this week. I do have a few pictures, but not enough for an entire post. And now it rained, so they're all on the ground. *Dramatic sigh*

But I did go to a pumpkin patch several weeks ago. Some of these pictures were taken by Allie, but we can't remember which ones.

Look at all the pumpkins!

The pumpkins were laid out in satisfying squares.

All pumpkins should be blue and lumpy. These remind me of Cinderella.


I really love this picture.

The small corn. I think Allie took this because that's my hand.

I want to eat this. It looks really tasty.


Allie took this one too! or I have some amazing no-handed selfie skills.
I got the tiny pumpkin, but not the big one. Isn't it cute?
By the way, that is my favorite dress. 

This is the bottom of the gourd I was holding.

 I'm sorry this was late, but my birthday was Thursday and we celebrated this weekend. Song recommendation of the pos…