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Christmas pictures

Hello there, and Merry Christmas a few days late. This Christmas was really nice. I didn't get many presents, but it was really warm outside. Like, 75 ish degrees. I was wearing shorts.
Now for pictures.
This is Ali cutting out some cookies. I love holiday baking because it is the only time that we make cookies into shapes and not just blobs.

The rest of these were taken at a Christmas party. I thought their decorations were amazing, especially compared to ours. A toddler lives at my house, along with two cats that like to climb Christmas trees, so no breakable ornaments yet.
Now, an announcement. I really want to do a q&a post, so if you have anything to ask me please comment! Leave as many questions as you like, because I don't think I will get many. The post will be out before 2017.
Until later,

Gemstone Dragons

I am almost sure that you have noticed by now that Evy likes dragons. And you probably knew that I (Gemstone) was a dragon. Evy's pet dragon, in fact.
But did you know that I'm not her only dragon? That's right. There's more of us.
(Evy's note: this is basically profiling of my Dragon collection. I do collect them.)
So far, there are eleven of us in the household, including me.

Gemstone (me): (This is Evy's artistic rendition of me.)
I am Gemstone, a Precious Stone Dragon, with the ability to locate things underground easily, such as gemstones. I was Evy's first dragon, as well as being the only red dragon she has.

Gleam This is Gleam. He is an ice dragon, despite the fact that the Webkinz company believes that he is a storm dragon. *insert dramatic sigh here* They never get it right, do they?
He strongly dislikes being called Elsa for some reason, and he wears a fire amulet around his neck to keep his fire powers from being snuffed out.

Gray Gray is a …

I have returned! (And the Sunshine Blogger award)

I'm writing to Muppets Christmas music. Some of their songs are so funny! And I pretty much have them all memorized because I have been listening to them since I was little.
Anyway, I have emerged from the depths of NaNoWriMo with a half-finished novel and the desire to sleep for a week (or at least be a Pintresting lump for a while.) I'm going to take a break, then when I am ready I will write a thousand words a day until Shadowed is finished. I still have no better title for it, but I haven't thought about it much.
As usual, the plot went right out the window around halfway through the month. I think the story is more interesting for it though. The beginning and end still follow the plot, but the middle is very different. (I also think that the MC's older sister is actually the antagonist!) I only made it to 35,000 words, but that is still a huge achievement for me. I hope to finish Shadowed by Christmas, so feel free to bug me about that.
That's pretty much it f…