October 28, 2016

Craft Fair and Fall Pictures

Hello again. Today I have some pictures of things to show you.
Firstly, I went to a craft fair last weekend. I got three pairs of earrings and Ali got a doll dress. It looks totally adorable on Rileigh!
But anyway. I did take pictures of everything, as well as some other cute fall stuff.
Halloween earrings! These are so cute and I should wear them a lot this week. That is my hair in case you were wondering.

Do these scream "dragons" to anyone else, or is it just me?

I think these teal ones are my favorites. They go with more than the other two pairs, and I love the color.

Here's Rileigh with her beautiful ringlets! And the dress. Isn't the dress so cute?

heh... I took a lot of these.

Now on to the fall pictures!

Mr. Turtle picked out the CUTEST PUMPKIN EVER!! EEE!

And to finish this post, Amber. She wouldn't get out of my chair.
Until later,

October 27, 2016

So apparently...

I got a confused comment a few minutes ago and realized that apparently, I never actually explained what NaNoWriMo was. Well then.
nanowrimo.org <-- That is the NaNo site, it has more details and lets you sign up and stuff. I'm just here to tell you the basics.
NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, but we usually shorten it to NaNoWriMo or just NaNo. It takes place in November, every year, and it's just a thing where tons and tons of writers from around the world write novels at the same time.
The NaNo definition of a "novel" is a "lengthy work of fiction." By lengthy they mean 50,000 words long, or longer if you're ambitious.
To be doing NaNo "by the book" you start with a new idea and write what would be published as a novel, counting only words written in November. However, there is no rule against writing poem collections or a recipe book or whatever. That just makes you a rebel, and that is not discouraged. They even get their own forum.
If you have further questions, I refer you to the NaNo FAQ page. http://nanowrimo.org/faq
I hope this answered any questions.
(NaNo in four days!!)

October 24, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016


Have you noticed the thing on my sidebar? Maybe? It's probably obvious now that I'm doing NaNoWriMo this November! That gives me about 9 days, less than two weeks, until Halloween, NaNo, and my birthday. Yikes.
My novel is...


(Working title, I need to find one that fits a little better. Any suggestions would be appreciated.)

So, synopsis, main characters? Yeah?
Two years ago, Grace Lewis's older sister, Fara, disappeared. There was no trail, no struggle, and no victory to the searches. Now, after a series of strange dreams, Grace sets out alone to find her sister.  Her search can only go so far, and what Grace needs most is a friend. When an accident turns the tables and sends Grace headfirst into an unfamiliar land, who really needs to be found?
Interesting? I hope so. I may post some of it during NaNo, but I will probably not post the whole thing. This is a novel that I may try to publish or post on a different site. I will work that out after November.
Now: Main characters.

Ryleigh Grace Lewis (Grace), age 12.
(It's supposed to be dark in the picture. Not the greatest one, I know.)

Adrianna Felicity Payne, age 12

What do you think? Are you excited for NaNo?

October 13, 2016

Everything in my sketchbook

I'm wearing jeans today for the first time in six months. I can't believe it's so cold already! Ahhh! NaNo/my birthday is only three weeks away!
So today I'm going to be showing you all the drawings in my sketchbook that I filled this past week. Well, not really everything. Out of a fifty page sketchbook, this is about half of it. Some of it was doodles that I don't need to show, other parts you have already seen. I tried to keep it all new stuff, but I can't remember everything. Hold on tight, because this is going to be a long post.
To start us off, we have this lovely drawing of Elsa! I drew this Christmas morning when I got the sketchbook, so it was the very first thing I drew in it.

Item four in my sketchbook is this picture of an eyeless ballerina. I'm not sure why exactly she has no eyes, or if they're closed or what. Drawing the hand on this was SO HARD. Hands in general are hard to draw.

The Element Guardians! This was the second design of their appearances. They have now been redesigned another time and I'm thinking of doing it again because I want to make some of them male. Oh well.

FROZEN! If you haven't guessed, which maybe you haven't, I LIKE FROZEN A LOT. Especially Elsa. And I know Let It Go word for word, which drives my friends crazy.

This is a self portrait, sort of. I never actually finished coloring it, but this is close to what I used to look like. I had short bangs two years ago.

This is just a sketch of a dress. I think it's pretty.

Teeny tiny dragon. This is the first dragon I ever drew. It's so small! Like, its head is the size of my pinkie.

Another, finished, dragon. It's Gemstone! She is much bigger, but not as big as some dragons I have drawn.

This was for a school project. Should be self explanatory.

This is an artistic rendition of a littlest pet shop set. I think it's really cute.

Doodles in colored pencil. My favorites are the poodle and the cat. The guy in the corner has a paper bag over his head.

Ami from The Final Princess, but with green eyes instead of blue. I have tried, and it is nearly impossible to braid your hair with one hand.

The Candy Corn Cat. This is a design for a Webkinz (I collect them) that I may or may not enter in their design a Webkinz contest. It's pretty cute, isn't it?

Have I showed you this? I can't remember. I love this girl's hat and I wish I had it myself. Adorable!

This is a map of Hazernia. Just for reference.

This is one of my sister's roleplay characters. She has an enormous head but otherwise is drawn pretty well.

This is a drawing of a fashion design from a tracing kit. Ali and Charlie came up with it and I offered to draw it.

This is a drawing of Glow, a clay dragon I bought from a craft fair. I decided not to color it and just shade it instead.

Cats! Warrior cats, to be exact. Left is Brightheart, right is Jayfeather.

Glint, the sea dragon. I made her out of clay and drew her. Eventually I'll make a post about all my dragons, because I have a lot of them.

Sad girl from the side. I didn't do so well with the face on this one. Sideways people are hard to draw.

This was a challenge thing. I was supposed to draw something using elements from jello and fire. I took color from fire and puffiness from jello. I think this tropical person with a fluffy coat is pretty cute.

As we near the end, more Littlest Pet Shops! This is another set and it took me a long time to draw. This is their clubhouse. Pet's names are:
Spot the dalmation
Kitty the little hamster in the front
Ginger the owl at the top
I can't remember the bunny's name. Does she even have one?

It's Grace! Who is Grace? If you don't know already, you'll find out...

And lastly, me! This is generally what I look like, although my hair frequently is fluffier than that. I have long bangs that go almost to my chin, but I'm still growing them out.

That was my sketchbook! What's your favorite drawing? I can't pick a favorite, I like all of them. From Elsa to myself, my style has changed and gotten better.
Until tomorrow, probably,

October 12, 2016

Random Pictures

Today I have some random photography to share. It doesn't follow a particular theme.
The math problem is unimportant, as well as the fact that 4500 does not equal 120. Really I'm just proud of my handwriting.

I'm not sure where I took these pictures, but I uploaded them for something.

I took this picture last night. This is the outside wall of my ballet studio, right by the door. I like this style and I think I'm going to try the same subject in daylight. 

That's all the pictures, but I'm working on another post and some drawings. I filled one of my sketchbooks, so I think I'm going to share all the art in it.

October 7, 2016


I just have this piece of art. And I'm really proud of it because I have never drawn a sunset before. That's all.
Here it is.

That's everything.