Whales, Snails, and Kissy Fish

So today: Chalk art on my driveway.
Mr. Turtle, my little brother, loves to draw with chalk. Mostly, he draws X's and Y's, because he's little. He did draw a bunch of lines and call it a baby butterfly though. Honestly, it looked nothing like a butterfly, but we went with it because that's what you do with little kids.
Snails! I like to draw snails with chalk for some reason. This was the only one that I got a good picture of before it got driven over. Oh well. You can see some of the other two snails in the top picture.

And fish! This is probably one of the best fish I've drawn.

I love to draw whales in what I call "Littlest Pet Shop style". It doesn't look a lot like a real whale, but this is the way that Littlest Pet Shops are styled. I'm pretty good at drawing LPS. I should probably draw them more. I collect them. I don't think I've ever told you that.
On another note, if you have any LPS art requests, leave them in the comments. You can give me either the pet number or a picture.

We'll have an LPS art post soon, depending on when I draw stuff. Bye for now!


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