Today in 2015...

Today in 2015, one year ago, I posted this:
I'm so happy and so excited. Honestly, at the beginning, I didn't think this would last that long. I was worried that I would move on after a while and the blog would die. I guess you could say that it didn't.
In one year I have gained:
Four blog followers (Two that I know in real life)
2,450 page views (Most of it not me)
I have written 55 posts.
And I have had comments and motivations and met a friend and I still love it! I probably never would have written Half The Sparkle if I didn't have this blog. I feel like Evy has become more than just a character or a pen name. I am used to people calling me Evy now. Actually, I would probably respond if someone I knew addressed me as Evy in real life.
Um, so...
I have been on a bit of a drawing spree, so I will post some of those drawings later.
Does anyone have a post request?
Also, I want to show you this funny typo:

I was not wearing a pink flowered romper, white leggings, a white long sleeve shirt, and gray boots.

I don't know where the "not" came from, but it doesn't belong there.  Why would Meredith give us a long description of the outfit that she is not wearing? We may never know.
But anyway, that's everything! Until next time,


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