Beware of the Skunkes and Use Dramatic Pauses

It's been a week. Why yes, it has.
To answer any questions, no, I did not make this post to instruct you on how to use dramatic...
...pauses, because it's a little difficult to do with text. I did, however, make this post to tell you some updates. I have two update categories: School and Writing.


Geography. Oh my goodness. I got my textbook a little late, right as we were finishing unit one. I had to read SIX CHAPTERS last week. Plus I was supposed to draw a map and define some vocabulary words. I made it through four chapters and nothing else. I'm finishing that up this week, but geography still gives me a lot of homework.
(In case you were wondering, I'm still homeschooled, but I take classes at a co-op.)
I also have to read several books a week for history, which I probably should be doing now... Hehe...


I haven't done any editing on Caught Outside. I keep meaning too, but then I get distracted by some other story. I have so many stories in my head and I don't know what to do with them!
I am in the middle of a short novel (?) that is kind of dismal. I call it Eighteen, and I don't know if I will post it here. It's... weird.
I am also writing a novel for a project planning class. The teacher doesn't really care what you do, so I'm writing!
This is a story idea that I've had for a while. It is a sequel to The Element Guardians and takes place in the same universe/storyline as The Final Princess. It stars Ryleigh Grace, known by her middle name, as the main character. You probably know her already as Fara's younger sister. In this story, she will become much, much more than that.

That's all I really have for today, but tomorrow is a very, very special day! Guess what it is. I've told you once.
But I've never told you that. It's something else.
Until tomorrow,


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