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The Selcouth Award

Thank you to Anika for indirectly nominating me for the Selcouth Award!

The Rules:Thank the blog that nominated you (and a link if you’re willing).Nominate 5-10 blogs (links too!).Answer the 13 questions given, and give the definition of your favorite (or just beautiful) word.Ask 13 questions of your own. They must all be about writing, reading, books or book characters. Make them as creative/wacky/selcouth as can be!Post the rules and the picture in your post!I nominate:
Ali @ Ali's Island
Blackiesunshine @ Silver Sky Dolls
 Megan @ A Barefoot Gal
Emma @ Drawn to Writing
Julia @ The Barefoot Gal

And of course, if you're reading this and decide that you want to try it, I will not stop you. Go right ahead.

Now for the questions!
When did you start writing?
I started seriously writing when I was in fifth grade.

What was your motive to start writing?
I wanted to write Warriors fanfiction. I have moved on now, except for one fanfiction story called Scattered Stones.

What is you fa…

Today in 2015...

Today in 2015, one year ago, I posted this:
I'm so happy and so excited. Honestly, at the beginning, I didn't think this would last that long. I was worried that I would move on after a while and the blog would die. I guess you could say that it didn't.
In one year I have gained:
Four blog followers (Two that I know in real life)
2,450 page views (Most of it not me)
I have written 55 posts.
And I have had comments and motivations and met a friend and I still love it! I probably never would have written Half The Sparkle if I didn't have this blog. I feel like Evy has become more than just a character or a pen name. I am used to people calling me Evy now. Actually, I would probably respond if someone I knew addressed me as Evy in real life.
Um, so...
I have been on a bit of a drawing spree, so I will post some of those drawings later.
Does anyone have a post request?
Also, I want to show you this funny typo:

I was not wearing a pink flowered romper, white leggings, a …

Beware of the Skunkes and Use Dramatic Pauses

It's been a week. Why yes, it has.
To answer any questions, no, I did not make this post to instruct you on how to use dramatic...
...pauses, because it's a little difficult to do with text. I did, however, make this post to tell you some updates. I have two update categories: School and Writing.
School: Geography. Oh my goodness. I got my textbook a little late, right as we were finishing unit one. I had to read SIX CHAPTERS last week. Plus I was supposed to draw a map and define some vocabulary words. I made it through four chapters and nothing else. I'm finishing that up this week, but geography still gives me a lot of homework.
(In case you were wondering, I'm still homeschooled, but I take classes at a co-op.)
I also have to read several books a week for history, which I probably should be doing now... Hehe...
Writing: I haven't done any editing on Caught Outside. I keep meaning too, but then I get distracted by some other story. I have so many stories in my …

The Liebster Award

Thank you Anika for nominating everyone who made it to the end of her award post! That included me, of course. 
The RulesThank the blogger that nominated you.Write 11 random facts about yourself.Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger that nominated you.Nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated.Come up with 11 questions for the bloggers you’re nominating. Starting with facts. Some of these you know and some you may not.
I LOVE IMAGINE DRAGONS! Listening to their music (on full volume) as I write this.I am really good at drawing Littlest Pet Shops. For some reason they are really easy to draw. I collect stuffed animals.I do not like to use mechanical pencils.I own a lot of striped clothes.I love to wear tank tops.My first pet was a black cat named Mackenzie. I do not consider black cats unlucky. I take four styles of dance, three days a week.I don't have many favorite things. I make clay dragons sometimes.I still like to play with Playdoh. It…


I took apart a VCR yesterday. What did you do? I'm not joking, actually. Ali, Silver, and I were at Silver's house and decided to take it apart. There was a more complex roleplay going on around it. It wasn't actually a VCR in the roleplay, it was a dangerous explosive.
Recent song obsessions: I have been looking through the older Imagine Dragons songs. They have a very different feel from their more recent, popular works like Radioactive and Shots. Try listening to Shots and America (my personal favorite right now) back to back. You will see what I mean.
Anyway, the point of this post is: I edited the next chapter of Caught Outside! Exciting, right?
Are you ready? It's below the break.

Whales, Snails, and Kissy Fish

So today: Chalk art on my driveway.
Mr. Turtle, my little brother, loves to draw with chalk. Mostly, he draws X's and Y's, because he's little. He did draw a bunch of lines and call it a baby butterfly though. Honestly, it looked nothing like a butterfly, but we went with it because that's what you do with little kids.
Snails! I like to draw snails with chalk for some reason. This was the only one that I got a good picture of before it got driven over. Oh well. You can see some of the other two snails in the top picture.

And fish! This is probably one of the best fish I've drawn.

I love to draw whales in what I call "Littlest Pet Shop style". It doesn't look a lot like a real whale, but this is the way that Littlest Pet Shops are styled. I'm pretty good at drawing LPS. I should probably draw them more. I collect them. I don't think I've ever told you that.
On another note, if you have any LPS art requests, leave them in the comments. You…