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I don't know many writing blogs, but I will tag as many as I can.
Ali @ Ali's Island
Charlie Evans @ Charlie's Hoopla

 Are tag backs allowed? If so, I wouldn't mind doing this again. Of course, if you're reading this, you are welcome to do the tag too. This is going to be long, but also interesting, hopefully.

Based on my current obsession with Caught Outside, I will be interviewing Meredith.
Hello there.
I will be in regular font, the questions will be in Bold, and any additional comments from Meredith will be in green.

Meredith Raven Engle
5' 3"
Age in story:
An imaginary place in southern Florida. I haven't worked out a name yet.
It's hard to live in a nameless place you know. Very difficult for addressing packages and such. 
Yes, yes, I'm getting there. Any recommendations are appreciated.
Hair color, length, style:
She has short, curly brown hair.
It's probably the world's most annoying hair.
Deal with it.
Meredith is African American.
Accent: (include voice, style of speech, slang, signature phrases or words)
Meredith speaks surprisingly little for how extroverted she is. As for signature phrases, she won't give you her full name until you've asked three times. No accent. I don't think Florida has a signature accent. Her voice is a little girlier than you would expect.
Meredith is Christian
Scars or other notable physical attributes:
None at the beginning.
Except at the end I have this big gash over my right ear.
Stop with the spoilers, will you?
Handicaps: (emotional, physical, mental)
After a certain point in the story, she refuses to seek help from a doctor.
And you would have no part in that, would you? You'd be scared too if-
Okay, that's enough.
Athletic? Inactive? Overall health?
Meredith is not especially active, and somewhat out of shape. It really shows when she's trying to run away from something.
Style of dress:
I actually drew some stuff for that, so I am going to show you that instead of trying to describe it.

Favorite colors:
Hot pink and neon green.
Also anything bright or neon is cool too.
How does the character feel about his/her appearance?
Meredith is slightly dissatisfied with her appearance.
Um, what? I have brown hair, brown eyes, and brown skin! I am so bored with my appearance that I can't stand the color brown! I wish I was a redhead.
I'm an only child.
Really? Because I thought-
It's not-
Oh yes it is.
Why must you torture me like this?
It's called conflict, Meredith. Otherwise you end up in a utopia and that's no fun.
Relationship with parents:
Meredith was...
Hold on, let me tell this part. I was really close with my Mom. She was a single parent bringing me up. AND THEN SHE WAS BRUTALLY MURDERED BY EVY HERE. 
I didn't murder her, Meredith. She got sick and died.
Same difference. Anyway, my dad left for some reason, but I intend to find him and get the whole story.
Memories about childhood:

Educational background: (street smart? Formal? Does he/she read?)
Meredith was homeschooled by her mom starting when she was three.
I had just made it through my junior year of high school when she was killed.
Work experience:
Meredith is a good artist and knitter.

Does being completely homeless count?
You have a home.
Not really.
I guess your occupation would be an artist.
Where does the character live now? Describe home (emotional atmosphere as well as physical)
Meredith, at the moment, lives in a house in the southern corner of her city. Six other people live there, including the four (Lilly, Alison, Celia, and Mason) from the sneak peek.
I have to share a room with a girl I can't stand. 
Neat or messy?
Meredith is not very organized. In her opinion, if it's in a drawer somewhere, it's cleaned up.
And I can find my stuff just fine. It's my dresser anyway.
Women friends/men friends:
Henry Arnold: 17
Lilly Arnold: 14
Mason Fincher: 16
Dillon Thomas: 14
Celia Clarence Thomas: 17 (She shouldn't be on a list of my friends. My enemies, maybe.) {Be nice. You'll come around eventually.}
Alison Bailey: 15

She had a cat named Burrito
Who likely burned to death.
This is your final warning.

Enemies? Why?
Celia Thomas. They really should get along, but they don't.
Really? Because-
*Coughs loudly*
Oh. Hehe. Right.
Personality traits (shy, outgoing, domineering, doormat, honest, kind, sense of humor):
Overconfident, pressing, has difficulty realizing some acts of kindness, disobedient.
Is there a reason these are all negative? What about artistic or optimistic?
They're what come to mind first. 

Strongest trait:
Probably her confidence and optimism.

Weakest trait:
Making intelligent decisions.

What does the character fear?
Doctors. Never trust them.
What is the character proud of?
Her art skills, most definitely. 
For once, I agree!

What is the character ashamed of?
Nothing, yet. Maybe she will come to see Celia in a different light and then be ashamed of how she treated Celia.
Or maybe it will be the other way around. I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything to provoke her. 
Outlook on life (optimistic, pessimistic, cynic, idealist)
Optimistic, usually. She always believes that someone is going to come rescue her, and usually someone does.
Are you saying someone isn't going to rescue me?
You have to save yourself sometimes. That's called character development.

She will do anything if someone is in trouble.
That’s better.
How does the character see himself/herself?
I think that I'm friendly and deserve to be trusted.
I can't do anything about their motives!
Yes you can.

How is the character seen by others?
Somewhat naive, optimistic (sometimes to much), her art is admired, pretty

Do you like this person? Why or why not?
Sometimes I wonder about Meredith's dumb decisions, but overall, I think she's a good person.

Will readers like or dislike?
I really don't know. I hope so.
Most important thing to know about this character:
Don't ever expect her to stay put. She won't.
Present problem:
She's been kidnapped and gotten to go blind for a while!
How it will get worse:
What point is there in telling you that? All I can say is that it gets much, much worse.
I'm scared now.
What is the character’s goal in the story?
To find her dad and create a permanent home for herself.
And avoid doctors for the rest of my life.

What traits will help/hurt the character in achieving this goal?
She is good at finding attention. Usually the wrong kind.
She thinks logically once in a while.
She is very determined and doesn't stop for silly things.

What makes the character different from similar characters?
I guess her happy outlook on life despite the messes she gets into.

Why will readers remember this character vividly?
Shall it be her dumb thinking or horrible sibling rivalry? You decide. 

I hope you liked this tag! It took me forever to fill out, but it was worth it. I'm going to add this to her character file, because a lot of the info hadn't been written down before and some had developed as I wrote.
That's all for today, although I will post Climbing Starlight tomorrow,


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