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I promised, so...

That's right. Finally, finally, I post it. It's a short story that I wrote for school, it's called Climbing Starlight, let's go. I have been told that it's kind of dark, but it shouldn't be bad. Here we go!
(That's the cover art, I drew it myself.)

Climbing Starlight
    The room was empty, almost. Some people could have found beauty in its simplicity, but I had to live in it. The walls were white and the floors were gray tile. There were no furnishings, only a pile of blankets in one corner. That was where I slept, curled on the floor, every night. I had rearranged the space before, but it did little to change how the room felt.
    The symmetry is what I hated most. It was the same on every side. I could completely lose my sense of direction just by closing my eyes. Everything was colorless, even my clothes. Almost everything I touched was some shade of white, gray, or black.
    Not only that, I felt trapped. I wasn't claustrophobic. There was no way …

The Character Creation Tag

The Rules: Thank the Blogger who nominated you. Answer all 44 questions about your Character and Book. Tag 10 people and let them know you tagged them. List the Rules on your post.

I don't know many writing blogs, but I will tag as many as I can. Ali @ Ali's Island Charlie Evans @ Charlie's Hoopla
 Are tag backs allowed? If so, I wouldn't mind doing this again. Of course, if you're reading this, you are welcome to do the tag too. This is going to be long, but also interesting, hopefully.
Based on my current obsession with Caught Outside, I will be interviewing Meredith. Hello there. I will be in regular font, the questions will be in Bold, and any additional comments from Meredith will be in green. ____________________________________________
Name: Meredith Raven Engle Height: 5' 3" Age in story: 14 Birthplace: An imaginary place in southern Florida. I haven't worked out a name yet. It's hard to live in a nameless place you know. Very difficult for add…


So, updates. Yeah.
This week I went to my grandparents', which is why I haven't posted. We walked a nature trail in Helen, Georgia, so that was fun. We also visited some antebellum homes in Madison Georgia.
On another note, I am now in the process of writing a very dark short story. Caught Outside progress has slowed to the extreme.

Here are some random photos to make this post more interesting. I have a tag coming up tomorrow and I am (finally) going to post Climbing Starlight. FINALLY. I have been trying to remember for the entire summer, and now I finally am going to do it.
Would you read a dark short story?

Caught Outside: Sneak Peek

When I asked in the last post, Anika said that she would like to see a sneak peek of Caught Outside. This is from chapter five or six. Note that one or two names from this might be changed before I post the real chapter.
Here we go.

Recent Art

I have been wanting to post for a few days, but didn't know what to post. I have decided to post some of my recent artworks.

This is my cousin, Braxton. I copied this from a photograph, and I think it turned out pretty good, besides the fact that he looks really old.

This is another that I am especially proud of. It's a mermaid secretary. I felt like drawing a mermaid, and then this happened.

This is a redesign of a character that I drew for one of my friend's contests. I forgot I even entered until she told me I won. Just as a comparison for how my drawing skills have improved, here is the entry.

The new one looks much better.
My camera decided to be weird for this one, so it's sideways. This is a cat. A very nice cat. Probably one of the best I've drawn, actually. Her face actually looks like it has depth!

This is a cover that I drew for Caught Outside. It seems pretty self-explanatory.

This is another piece of art based on Caught Outside. This one is Meredith…

Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest

Hello, it's Gemstone with Evy narrating. Unlike the past four (I think) posts, this is not about Camp NaNo or writing! It's about photography!
I have entered Megan from A Barefoot Gal's photography contest. Her blog is here. They have two spots left I think. The first category was posted this morning. 
I haven't ever told anyone this, but I do have a photography blog. It's called Chasing Butterflies. I will be posting entries for the contest there. The first photo I will post here, though, just so this post will be a little more interesting.

Category one: Fuzzy

I took a picture of a fuzzy flower. I especially like the raindrops on the leaves.
That's all for now, although I will make a post later on Chasing Butterflies.