I won!

I am going to post an image below this text. You can guess what it means.

Yes! Last night at about eleven fifteen, I passed twenty thousand words on Caught Outside. The story is far from finished. I think that really, I haven't even hit the climatic point yet. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep pushing or if I want to relax for a while. I have also had some people be confused with the different versions of Caught Outside. I would like to clarify that the version on the page is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from the version in these last few posts.
Taking a vote now: Does anyone want to see a random sneak peak of Caught Outside? Leave your answer in the comments please! I will get to them soon.
On another note, I am afraid that I killed Meredith's cat. Please forgive me.
That's all I have for tonight, goodnight.


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