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I won!

I am going to post an image below this text. You can guess what it means.

Yes! Last night at about eleven fifteen, I passed twenty thousand words on Caught Outside. The story is far from finished. I think that really, I haven't even hit the climatic point yet. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep pushing or if I want to relax for a while. I have also had some people be confused with the different versions of Caught Outside. I would like to clarify that the version on the page is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from the version in these last few posts.
Taking a vote now: Does anyone want to see a random sneak peak of Caught Outside? Leave your answer in the comments please! I will get to them soon.
On another note, I am afraid that I killed Meredith's cat. Please forgive me.
That's all I have for tonight, goodnight.

Caught Outside: Chapter two

It is decided that chapter two of Caught Outside will be posted today, below the break. Like I said, the Caught Outside page will not be updated until the whole thing is edited. Except page 15. I don't know what I'm going to do with page 15. Anyway, here it is.

Caught Outside: Chapter one

Hello hello hello all! I know I promised you this post yesterday, but I ended up having some drama with my computer deleting the last chapter of Caught Outside. Unfortunately, I was not able to recover it, but I did manage to rewrite it and cover all of the lost information. After editing, I will post all of Caught Outside, except for maybe page fifteen. Anyway, first chapter is below the break. I will not be updating the Caught Outside page with this until I am able to put it all. Thank you for understanding.

The Post That Is Three Weeks Late

As you can tell from the title, this post is three weeks late. :P However, I have news.

That's right! I'm participating in Camp NaNo 2016! Basically, Camp NaNo is a month long writing challenge. You can set your goal, unlike November NaNo, where the default goal is fifty thousand words. For more about Camp NaNo, visit their website HERE.
Here is this awesome little meter thingy so you can tell how far I am.

11066 / 20000 words. 55% done!

I am rewriting Caught Outside from the ground up. I am liking this version a lot better. In the old one we had, well, I don't know. In this one we have rebel groups, guns, and mind control. Which one sounds cooler?
Some of it I wrote on paper and then dictated to my phone, so it is lacking punctuation. I will post it once I edit it, which may not be for another month or two. However, I will allow you to read the first chapter. Warning: Death. I will post that tomorrow!

Farewell for now,

The Wisteria Writer Tag

So, Anika from Anika's Avenue nominated me for the Wisteria Writer tag. I am going to answer her questions and then ask my own.

Annika's Questions:
When did you start taking writing seriously?
Sometime after my Warriors fanfiction, Sunclan's Prophecy, was finished. My family loved it, so I wrote more.

Have you ever taken writing classes?
Yes. My mom taught one at a homeschool group once.

Have you ever gotten published?
No, but that would be awesome!

Favorite book(s)?
Too many to count.

Favorite book(s) you've written?
My favorite ideas are probably some of my "secret" books that I've never shared with anyone.  Namely, Illusion and Bitten.

How's your grammar?
I consider it excellent.

Who inspired you to start writing?
I am not sure. I have been writing stories since kindergarten, so my teacher I guess.

What is your worst writing pet peeve?
Probably that my word processor doesn't like some character's names. Unique spellings are difficult.

Reading pet peeve?
When …