Maryellen's Beach Trip

Hi! It's Maryellen today, and I went to the beach. Gemstone says that's the worst intro on the blog, besides the one on the welcome post. Thanks a lot, Gem.

Here's a picture I took in the car on the way to the hotel where we stayed the first night. It was really dark, so you can't tell that I had my back to the window.

Here's another with my older sister, Zoe. We were both really tired.

Here's a picture of the road the next day. We were crossing a bridge. I tried to get a picture of the water, but it didn't really work. I still like the picture though.

And we FINALLY arrive at our campsite. We were camping near the beach, so everything was sandy.

Ready for the water!

That's all for today. Which was your favorite picture?
See you later!


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