A Quote From A Friend

On Goodreads, a book site, I have some friends. I got to know them through Warrior Cats role-play mostly, although I have a few from other places. Some of them are writers.
Goodreads also has a quote system, used mostly for book and writing quotes.
So one day, Vanilla sent me this quote that she had written herself.
“Writing a story is like ruling the world. Except it's even better. How many rulers out there that you know can tell people what they say?”
I really like it because it's so true! I think I might have given Vanilla the link to my blog once, but I'm not sure. Shoutout to her for a great quote.
Do you have any good writing quotes or inspirations?


  1. "If you don't write what's on your mind, people will never know what's on your mind."


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