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Chapter four!

Welcome to...
Chapter four of The Final Princess. Starring: GEMSTONE! Just kidding, but it's below the break.

Touring my Sketchbook

Hi! It's Evy, as usual when the title is in first person. Heh. That's interesting. But anyway. What is that strange image beside this text? Will we ever know? Yes. Yes you will.
Welcome to the tour of my sketchbook, where we save the best for last!
Sisters in Dreams is a picture of two girls, but just their feet. One is wearing pink pointe shoes, and the other is wearing black ballet shoes. I invision the black shoed girl to be helping the pink stand because it's her first time on pointe.
This is a picture of me. (Hazernian me. The real on has blond hair. :D) Mint is on my shoulder, if you can't read that tiny text. You can ask in the comments why Evy wears her hair like that, but I don't want to put it here. Long story. This is the first dragon that I ever drew. Say hello to Gemstone's portrait, everybody! She looks a lot different from my other dragons, being the first. I will have to show you my digital dragons sometime.

In my opinion, the story behind thi…

Half the Sparkle- The Story of Gemstone

“Afraid to be called something so babyish, Gemma?” Meredith laughed. “Stop,” I growled. “My name is Gemstone. You know that very well.” “Sure,” Meredith laughed again. “Change your name if you hate that nickname so much.” “I've changed my name once. Once was enough.” “Fine,” Merideth said. “Gem then.” “That's not much better.” “Why?” “Let me tell you.” “Come on!” Gemma nudged me with her snout. “Gem! Move your tail! You're blocking the door!” “We're not allowed out of the cave without Mommy,” I replied. “Please?” Gemma begged. “She's sleeping! She won't even notice.” “Fine,” I growled, moving my tail. “But we should be quick. She could wake up anytime.” Gemma nodded excitedly. I think my words just went in one ear and out the other. Gemma darted out the door and into the clearing, just a few feet through the trees concealing the cave entrance. I followed close behind her. I had to say, it was nice not having Mommy tell us to be careful…

CWBC Writing Contest

I decided to enter the CWBC writing contest hosted by Anika at Anika's Avenue. I wonder if it has a corner with Striker's Street? Anyway.
This is actually the third round. I forgot about it for the first two. Oops. But here is the story I wrote. There were prompts but I am too lazy to try to copy them. Here is the story:

A Quote From A Friend

On Goodreads, a book site, I have some friends. I got to know them through Warrior Cats role-play mostly, although I have a few from other places. Some of them are writers.
Goodreads also has a quote system, used mostly for book and writing quotes.
So one day, Vanilla sent me this quote that she had written herself.
“Writing a story is like ruling the world. Except it's even better. How many rulers out there that you know can tell people what they say?”
VanillaCreamPie8888 I really like it because it's so true! I think I might have given Vanilla the link to my blog once, but I'm not sure. Shoutout to her for a great quote.
Do you have any good writing quotes or inspirations?

Maryellen's Beach Trip

Hi! It's Maryellen today, and I went to the beach. Gemstone says that's the worst intro on the blog, besides the one on the welcome post. Thanks a lot, Gem.

Here's a picture I took in the car on the way to the hotel where we stayed the first night. It was really dark, so you can't tell that I had my back to the window.

Here's another with my older sister, Zoe. We were both really tired.

Here's a picture of the road the next day. We were crossing a bridge. I tried to get a picture of the water, but it didn't really work. I still like the picture though.

And we FINALLY arrive at our campsite. We were camping near the beach, so everything was sandy.

Ready for the water!

That's all for today. Which was your favorite picture?
See you later!

Remember the small redhead I told you about?

Well, do you? If you don't, I'll tell you.
She wears her hair in a ponytail...

She wears black shoes...

She has a striped sundress that she loves to wear...
 Have you guessed yet? It's...

 Maryellen! I got her a while back, during the Maryellen bundle sale.
 I have loved her ever since she came out.
Isn't she gorgeous?
Overall, I would totally recommend this doll. Her hair looks great down, braided, in her signature ponytail, or in a bun. For some reason I find that she looks strange in long pants, but that might just be me.

That's all I have for today!

Macaroni Drama and other stories

Macaroni drama, you ask? Not really? Okay then. That just makes me sad.
In this post:
Macaroni Drama
The Bald Club

Part I: Microwaving Stuff (Yup)Starring:

It all started at lunch break, after taking three finals. So everybody was really stressed out. Especially Bella, because Bella is always stressed. So we were all microwaving stuff. Adam and Ace decided to try face swap because, you know, face swap. And then Bella noticed a bag of spicy Cheetos.
She goes up to Bunny and asks if they are hers, then opens them. Everyone but M-Kat and Ace wanted to eat them. M-Kat claimed she didn't like spicy food, and Ace claimed not to like chips at all. And it was fine until M-Kat came back out with her macaroni.
Part II: Macaroni Drama She sat down and started eating. We were all eating on the ground, because we weren't supposed to be in the building where the microwaves were unless we were heating things up. But anyway. Bella put spicy Cheetos in M-Kat's m…