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I might as well write a blog post, while I'm sitting here cringing as it thunders outside. That was a good opening sentence.
I don't like thunderstorms. At all. I was afraid of heavy rain for about three years, but luckily now that fear has just faded into a fear of thunder. Did you know that when a tree hits your house it sounds like thunder? Of course you didn't. I doubt I'll ever be fully comfortable in high winds and storms again.
My cat is outside in the dumping rain. Figures. Hopefully not actually in the rain, but just outside.
The lights just flickered. Now I'm getting really nervous. Did I mention how much I dislike storms?
The thunder is just getting worse. I can't stand it. Maybe I'll go color a picture. That sounds like fun.
The rain is getting harder now too. Poor Mint. For those of you who didn't know, she does actually exist. She disappeared for two days and came back this morning. still not sure what she was doing.
Now I'm just going to post this and go color a picture. Goodbye.


  1. I know how you feel. I hate thumderstorms, especially thunder and lightning.


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