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Chapter four...

Here we go... Chapter four of The Final Princess is out now, have fun reading it! I am actually going to put it below the jump break, so you don't have to search for the page. I may continue to do this, who knows.

Get To Know You tag

So, Anika from Annika's Avenue tagged anyone who wanted to do the Get To Know You tag, so I decided it looked like fun. I have never done a tag before, so let's see how this goes.

Vital Stats
Name:I go by Evy or Lanie online.

Nickname: I guess Evy and Lanie are nicknames, although I prefer the term pen name for those. Real life, my dad calls me Miss Alainius, or Miss A. 

Place of birth: Georgia


Best friend: Does my little sister count? If not, a girl who used to live near me, Zoe.

Award: I think I got some kind of award in Kindergarten, for what I'm not sure.

Sport: Ballet. It's a sport, believe me.

Real holiday: Thanksgiving? I was born in November.

Concert: Um? I have no idea.


Film: The Aristocats and Robin Hood (the Disney version)

TV show: My Little Pony, and a large number of home renovation shows that all run together in my head.

Color: Navy, white, black, turquoise

Song: Do you…