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A Photo Shoot With Alyssa

Hello, it's Evy. The other day there was some nice weather, so I took Alyssa out in the yard for some photos. Here they are:

That's all I have today! Stay tuned this next week for driveway art and a tour of my sketchbook!

A poet, too

Hello, it's Evy. I have something heavier to share with you today. It's called:
My poet side. It is kind of deep, kind of creepy, and definitely hard to share. I am putting one of my non-sharing poems below the jump break.
Proceed with caution: the following is very dark.
I do not think like this. It is a poem, not a mind reveal. Just please keep that in mind.

So, have you noticed? Part two

If you haven't noticed this time, you are blind.
Hi guys, it's Merideth, for the first time in a while. I have new additions to the blog now and have totally updated the look!

New Features:
The follow button has arrived! It is over there --> and says "join this site". You use your Google account and thepost notification will show up in your Blogger dashboard.

Blog archive: Allows you to find old posts more easily.

Doll and craft blogs I follow: If you are into 18" dolls or crafts, check these out! Very cool!

Popular posts: Added just to take up some space.

I am in the process of creating a page to replace the old "My Stories" gadget. Should be up in the next week.

Pretty much it. Bye for now!

Chapter two!

Chapter two of The Final Princess is up! Yay!!!

Yeah, that's it. :D