December 28, 2016

Christmas pictures

Hello there, and Merry Christmas a few days late. This Christmas was really nice. I didn't get many presents, but it was really warm outside. Like, 75 ish degrees. I was wearing shorts.
Now for pictures.
This is Ali cutting out some cookies. I love holiday baking because it is the only time that we make cookies into shapes and not just blobs.

The rest of these were taken at a Christmas party. I thought their decorations were amazing, especially compared to ours. A toddler lives at my house, along with two cats that like to climb Christmas trees, so no breakable ornaments yet.
Now, an announcement. I really want to do a q&a post, so if you have anything to ask me please comment! Leave as many questions as you like, because I don't think I will get many. The post will be out before 2017.
Until later,

December 17, 2016

Gemstone Dragons

I am almost sure that you have noticed by now that Evy likes dragons. And you probably knew that I (Gemstone) was a dragon. Evy's pet dragon, in fact.
But did you know that I'm not her only dragon? That's right. There's more of us.
(Evy's note: this is basically profiling of my Dragon collection. I do collect them.)
So far, there are eleven of us in the household, including me.


Gemstone (me):

(This is Evy's artistic rendition of me.)
I am Gemstone, a Precious Stone Dragon, with the ability to locate things underground easily, such as gemstones. I was Evy's first dragon, as well as being the only red dragon she has.




This is Gleam. He is an ice dragon, despite the fact that the Webkinz company believes that he is a storm dragon. *insert dramatic sigh here* They never get it right, do they?
He strongly dislikes being called Elsa for some reason, and he wears a fire amulet around his neck to keep his fire powers from being snuffed out.



Gray is a sea dragon. She is the only mother dragon in the house. She was made by Evy specifically to mother Glint, which seems strange to me. She never made mothers for any of the other dragons.
True to her motherly nature, she has healing powers that she uses very frequently for anything and everything.



One body just wasn't enough for Gretta. Even though she stays in her dragon form most of the time, she has also impersonated me, Mint, and even Frankenstein's monster on one occasion.
She is a shapeshifter dragon, in case you were wondering. She was the first dragon that Evy ever made, and the largest too. But that was back when she had a larger supply of clay...


Glow is a night dragon who guards dreams. Evy bought him at a craft fair last year, adding a third clay dragon to her collection. After she bought him, Evy named him Glow, then brought him home to discover that his hair and spots actually glowed in the dark. Who would have guessed?
He takes care of the rest of the dragons, fighting away night monsters with his trusty lantern. Does this sound like a superhero movie to anyone else?


Glint is a baby sea dragon. She was the first sea dragon, and was the fourth clay dragon to join our family. She is too young to be showing powers yet, unless she sneezes and something happens. That happened with Gretta, actually. It was terrifying.
Everyone says she is the cutest, even Evy. I think she might be Evy's favorite dragon. *insert jealous glare here*


Glenn is an earth dragon who likes to grant wishes. He is still developing that ability, being very young, and likes to help Grant out with his guard posts.
He likes to draw small doodles, and his fire is more like gentle sunlight. In general, he is a very sweet and friendly dragon.


Grant is essentially a burglar alarm dragon, but don't tell him I said that. Officially, he is called a guard dragon. He can detect unwanted presences, to a point.
His job is similar to Glow's, but he uses fire instead of just light to fight away monsters/robbers/toddlers/etc.


This is Glitter, and for once the Webkinz company sort of got her personality right.
She is a romance/friendship dragon. I don't know exactly what she does, nor does anyone else, not even Evy.
She loves glitter, and sparkles, in stark contrast to Evy's (and my) great dislike of them. 
The gemstone amulet she is wearing represents an important friendship to Evy. I am a little bit jealous that Glitter got to have it, even though it is a gemstone, which I excel at protecting.


This little guy's name is Rayne. He is a water dragon, not a sea dragon, and there is a difference. He has minor powers over water, but more often than not the water gets the best of him.
His small size is barely a disadvantage though, because it means he can explore almost anywhere. He has a great sense of adventure.


This is Selene, the Lego dragon. (Clouds is a Lego dragon too, actually.) I'm not sure what her specific abilities are. She seems pretty good at all magic, especially the very magicy kinds, like flight and invisibility.
She acts as a sort of mother to Clouds, even though he isn't a baby. I think she wishes she had a little one. Maybe someday she will.

Those are Evy's dragons and my roommates. Even though they are annoying sometimes, I do love them and am very good friends with most of them.
Signing off until next time,

Gemstone (who is sorta kinda considering getting a signature. Maybe.)

December 3, 2016

I have returned! (And the Sunshine Blogger award)

I'm writing to Muppets Christmas music. Some of their songs are so funny! And I pretty much have them all memorized because I have been listening to them since I was little.
Anyway, I have emerged from the depths of NaNoWriMo with a half-finished novel and the desire to sleep for a week (or at least be a Pintresting lump for a while.) I'm going to take a break, then when I am ready I will write a thousand words a day until Shadowed is finished. I still have no better title for it, but I haven't thought about it much.
As usual, the plot went right out the window around halfway through the month. I think the story is more interesting for it though. The beginning and end still follow the plot, but the middle is very different. (I also think that the MC's older sister is actually the antagonist!) I only made it to 35,000 words, but that is still a huge achievement for me. I hope to finish Shadowed by Christmas, so feel free to bug me about that.
That's pretty much it for the NaNo check up, so on to the other part of this post.


The rules:

Answer the 11 questions from the nominator.
Nominate 11 blogs.
Ask them 11 questions
Hmm... Well, thank you to the amazing Anika for nominating me. 
My nominees are: The first eleven people to read this? I guess if you comment I can tell but otherwise it doesn't matter.

So now the questions!

What is your favorite winter drink?
Hot chocolate is amazing (definitely my favorite) but I drink tea more because it requires less effort. 

Sleep in or wake early?
Sleep in. It's more enjoyable to get 10 hours of sleep from 11-9 rather than 8-6 for some reason.

What’s your favorite kind of pizza?
THE PIZZA KIND. I really don't know. It's all pizza to me.

Have you ever met any bloggers IRL?
No, unless you count my sister Ali, who does have a blog. 

What’s your favorite genre of books?
I have been really into romance recently. Futuristic/dystopia and some styles of fantasy are close behind.

Library of Book Store? Why?
Library all the way because it's pretty much free. Unless the book store has things the library doesn't.

If you had to give up one, would you stop blogging or watching TV shows? (Don’t worry, you can still watch movies, just not series or episodes.)
I would give up TV because I don't watch very much anyway.

Who is your bestie blogger buddy? (Yes, I stole that from Abby)
Probably Anika. I haven't really talked to many other bloggers.

If you met me (Anika) in real life, what do think I would be like?
All I can really imagine is your blogging identity, so I think you would be a lot like that.

If you could only use 1 word to describe yourself what would it be?
Artist. I consider drawing, writing, filming and ballet to be forms of art, and those are my favorite things to do.

How many words can you type in a minute?
Let's find out. (One minute later...) I can type seventy five if I'm not trying to keep a story going. Probably about forty if I am writing a story.

So that was the Sunshine Blogger Award! Have you noticed the background change? Did you do NaNoWriMo?
Until next time,

November 4, 2016

Update + First Paragraph of Shadowed

I just wanted to let you guys know that I will probably not be posting for the rest of November. NaNo takes a lot of energy and I have also added some more schoolwork that's taking up even more of my time. I have also been thinking about changing the blog background, so if you have any ideas for that please let me know.
And I will also show you the first paragraph of Shadowed.

“Dria!” Grace gave me an awkward hug from the side. I could tell that Grace's smile was forced. It had been for almost a week now. I hugged Grace back, pulling my hair back so it wouldn't be in grace's face. Grace's eyes were a little red, I noticed. I patted her on the back, hoping to giver her something real to smile about. I could tell Grace was worried. I was too, even though I didn't know Fara anything close to as well as Grace did. 

I need to get back to my homework, so I will end this post here. Bye!

October 28, 2016

Craft Fair and Fall Pictures

Hello again. Today I have some pictures of things to show you.
Firstly, I went to a craft fair last weekend. I got three pairs of earrings and Ali got a doll dress. It looks totally adorable on Rileigh!
But anyway. I did take pictures of everything, as well as some other cute fall stuff.
Halloween earrings! These are so cute and I should wear them a lot this week. That is my hair in case you were wondering.

Do these scream "dragons" to anyone else, or is it just me?

I think these teal ones are my favorites. They go with more than the other two pairs, and I love the color.

Here's Rileigh with her beautiful ringlets! And the dress. Isn't the dress so cute?

heh... I took a lot of these.

Now on to the fall pictures!

Mr. Turtle picked out the CUTEST PUMPKIN EVER!! EEE!

And to finish this post, Amber. She wouldn't get out of my chair.
Until later,

October 27, 2016

So apparently...

I got a confused comment a few minutes ago and realized that apparently, I never actually explained what NaNoWriMo was. Well then. <-- That is the NaNo site, it has more details and lets you sign up and stuff. I'm just here to tell you the basics.
NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, but we usually shorten it to NaNoWriMo or just NaNo. It takes place in November, every year, and it's just a thing where tons and tons of writers from around the world write novels at the same time.
The NaNo definition of a "novel" is a "lengthy work of fiction." By lengthy they mean 50,000 words long, or longer if you're ambitious.
To be doing NaNo "by the book" you start with a new idea and write what would be published as a novel, counting only words written in November. However, there is no rule against writing poem collections or a recipe book or whatever. That just makes you a rebel, and that is not discouraged. They even get their own forum.
If you have further questions, I refer you to the NaNo FAQ page.
I hope this answered any questions.
(NaNo in four days!!)

October 24, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016

Have you noticed the thing on my sidebar? Maybe? It's probably obvious now that I'm doing NaNoWriMo this November! That gives me about 9 days, less than two weeks, until Halloween, NaNo, and my birthday. Yikes.
My novel is...


(Working title, I need to find one that fits a little better. Any suggestions would be appreciated.)

So, synopsis, main characters? Yeah?
Two years ago, Grace Lewis's older sister, Fara, disappeared. There was no trail, no struggle, and no victory to the searches. Now, after a series of strange dreams, Grace sets out alone to find her sister.  Her search can only go so far, and what Grace needs most is a friend. When an accident turns the tables and sends Grace headfirst into an unfamiliar land, who really needs to be found?
Interesting? I hope so. I may post some of it during NaNo, but I will probably not post the whole thing. This is a novel that I may try to publish or post on a different site. I will work that out after November.
Now: Main characters.

Ryleigh Grace Lewis (Grace), age 12.
(It's supposed to be dark in the picture. Not the greatest one, I know.)

Adrianna Felicity Payne, age 12

What do you think? Are you excited for NaNo?

October 13, 2016

Everything in my sketchbook

I'm wearing jeans today for the first time in six months. I can't believe it's so cold already! Ahhh! NaNo/my birthday is only three weeks away!
So today I'm going to be showing you all the drawings in my sketchbook that I filled this past week. Well, not really everything. Out of a fifty page sketchbook, this is about half of it. Some of it was doodles that I don't need to show, other parts you have already seen. I tried to keep it all new stuff, but I can't remember everything. Hold on tight, because this is going to be a long post.
To start us off, we have this lovely drawing of Elsa! I drew this Christmas morning when I got the sketchbook, so it was the very first thing I drew in it.

Item four in my sketchbook is this picture of an eyeless ballerina. I'm not sure why exactly she has no eyes, or if they're closed or what. Drawing the hand on this was SO HARD. Hands in general are hard to draw.

The Element Guardians! This was the second design of their appearances. They have now been redesigned another time and I'm thinking of doing it again because I want to make some of them male. Oh well.

FROZEN! If you haven't guessed, which maybe you haven't, I LIKE FROZEN A LOT. Especially Elsa. And I know Let It Go word for word, which drives my friends crazy.

This is a self portrait, sort of. I never actually finished coloring it, but this is close to what I used to look like. I had short bangs two years ago.

This is just a sketch of a dress. I think it's pretty.

Teeny tiny dragon. This is the first dragon I ever drew. It's so small! Like, its head is the size of my pinkie.

Another, finished, dragon. It's Gemstone! She is much bigger, but not as big as some dragons I have drawn.

This was for a school project. Should be self explanatory.

This is an artistic rendition of a littlest pet shop set. I think it's really cute.

Doodles in colored pencil. My favorites are the poodle and the cat. The guy in the corner has a paper bag over his head.

Ami from The Final Princess, but with green eyes instead of blue. I have tried, and it is nearly impossible to braid your hair with one hand.

The Candy Corn Cat. This is a design for a Webkinz (I collect them) that I may or may not enter in their design a Webkinz contest. It's pretty cute, isn't it?

Have I showed you this? I can't remember. I love this girl's hat and I wish I had it myself. Adorable!

This is a map of Hazernia. Just for reference.

This is one of my sister's roleplay characters. She has an enormous head but otherwise is drawn pretty well.

This is a drawing of a fashion design from a tracing kit. Ali and Charlie came up with it and I offered to draw it.

This is a drawing of Glow, a clay dragon I bought from a craft fair. I decided not to color it and just shade it instead.

Cats! Warrior cats, to be exact. Left is Brightheart, right is Jayfeather.

Glint, the sea dragon. I made her out of clay and drew her. Eventually I'll make a post about all my dragons, because I have a lot of them.

Sad girl from the side. I didn't do so well with the face on this one. Sideways people are hard to draw.

This was a challenge thing. I was supposed to draw something using elements from jello and fire. I took color from fire and puffiness from jello. I think this tropical person with a fluffy coat is pretty cute.

As we near the end, more Littlest Pet Shops! This is another set and it took me a long time to draw. This is their clubhouse. Pet's names are:
Spot the dalmation
Kitty the little hamster in the front
Ginger the owl at the top
I can't remember the bunny's name. Does she even have one?

It's Grace! Who is Grace? If you don't know already, you'll find out...

And lastly, me! This is generally what I look like, although my hair frequently is fluffier than that. I have long bangs that go almost to my chin, but I'm still growing them out.

That was my sketchbook! What's your favorite drawing? I can't pick a favorite, I like all of them. From Elsa to myself, my style has changed and gotten better.
Until tomorrow, probably,